Hii Ndo Malapulapu?

@rexxsimba akioni hiyo ananyonga na used motor oil


:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: rex ni mnyongaji. Usishangae akona hizi mbishas


Would you let your person dress like this mkiwnda ku party?


It’s not your person, it’s just your turn. You should never tell anyone how to dress. The whole point of courting is to see their true colors. Obviously kama dem anavaa hivyo, na bado umuoe, sio makosa yake akidinywa juu ya pikipiki thika highway ikiwa at full speed. NEVER. TELL. A . WOMAN. HOW. TO. DRESS.

Never express any dissatisfaction with how she dresses, how she talks, how she walks, who she talks to, what she does in her free time, or when with you, or any other aspect of her life.

Dating is not about telling them what you don’t like about them, and seeing if they can change. it is about finding a person as they are and making the full, informed decision as a grown ass man if you want her or not.


I see what you mean and you are right, but you’ve got to set boundaries. A man doesn’t just take it on the chin. You’ve got to make it clear that there are things you simply can’t tolerate. And those ‘good women’ you think are out there in the world change too.

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Nyote muko na points banae

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Tumekaa sana bila maandamano kama ya “My Dress My Choice”. tunahitaji kuvua hawa kadhaa hadharani.

kuna tu clip tulikuwa tunaenea like 15 years ago ya mjamaa alikuwa anavuta madem top chini na anatoka mbio, naona kenya tumifikia contents kama izo. Thinking of contents Kifeee alisema your bitches want to be naked by default, case in point.

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Ni nini inasumbuanga wanaume na uchi wa wanawake…you all want this ladies to be naked in the house akipita unaguza haga ama nyondos lakini nje hamtaki wavae ivi…wasenge nyinyi mwatakaje???

The secret ?!?!
ONce se exposes her assets ,the desire to SEE , is fullfilled to ANYONE she meets
W e love exclusive stuff ,
If i’m riding the assets i feel more MASculine knowing am the ONLY ONE who ca pull such a flower

Whats Up Stare GIF by NBA

mystery + exclusive = perfect hoe


Hata butterfly tattoo Kwa hiyo nyonyo ya left imedeform juu ya saggy tits

I will not set boundaries. That is opening yourself up to manipulation by narcissistic sociopaths with chameleon personalities. Let her behave as she would in nature.

Ata mbwa ukinunua huwa huiambii isikuume. You just expect it not to bite you or your children. No one in their right mind would attempt to bring a fully grown laughing hyena into their house because they can chain it or muzzle it.

Siwezimind kutit fucck bila lube na cd

Bitchez crave attention like oxygen.

Huyu anakaa exactly kama mama ya @Nesta_Trouble

Kihii unseek attention sana. Kesho hautalala njaa though

Too big melons napenda vitu zime steady