Hii Ndo Huitwa Poetic Justice Ama, Hahaaaaa

Hii ni kali zaidi.


Philip Etale is among those guys who should not be talking at this point.

If incompetence was a person, it would be Etale

Etale, Disembe and Oguda are so lousy. They should just be booted out. Atleast Alai huwa na akili sometimes.

Acheni nmaise kukamua hizi ngamia ndo nikuom

Hahaaa. Mlijipiga kifua kumbe hamkujua Doyen ni ule mbaya.

I recall Dikembe started calling out that the foem 34’s were defective, while Etale was already celebrating Asimio win…all in all, Odm issa hell of an incompetent outfit. Baba aende tu Bondo atulize na wajukuu.

Hahaha who’s laughing now.

Dikembe Disembe hiyo jamaa naitambua from our university days alikua sec gen wa MUSO. Jamaa kiburi na pretentious sana…your typical entitled njaruo meathead.

Anyone who becomes a supporter of Ojinga turns out to be a worse Ojinga themselves.

Mujamaa tulia … 5th September, 2022 haiko far buana

Why not you?

Khasia umekuwa umejifichia wapi? Estate chokoch amejificha. @sani ndio naweza amino. Serikali ni yetu.

He is right you know, this will be the end of kimeibiwo and deepstate shenanigans.

Doing it again. You never learn.

Sifuna and Etale have always to proof that They are very loyal to Baba or else the «owners» of the Party will kick them out.