Hii ndio women empowerment

Am in a certain group pale fb, this one is specifically filled with married people, and offcourse single mothers

So this is a conversation of married women about how they use family planning to extort money from their husbands

Main point to Note is that kuwekewa coil in a public hospital is only 200, @Azor Ahai , tell that single mother to stop conning you[ATTACH=full]373019[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]373021[/ATTACH]

How does family planning extort money from the husband?


Lakini kijana uko na shida ya akilli? Ama kusoma ndio shida

My net had glitch,the thread delayed in loading fully and I thought that was it

Kuna mtu pia alijaribu kunitoanisha Ile patch ya kuzuia ball …ati ksh8500. I withdrew ksh8500 from my Bank account nikaongeza to what I had on my mpesa na nikajinunulia simu mpya

Huyo ni NVchieth

Kwani ulikua unadry fry?

nope …she said she wanted dry…that was the bait…the prize was the ksh8500 I was supposed to send her

but wanawakehuteseka, yani she has to con her man to get 3K a month. Ata mboch make more than that

I wonder how this marriage thing works, can’t they just ask their husbands for handouts badala ya conning them?!!!

Hizi story na FP i know hakuna vyenye mama watoto atanipigisha roundi mwenda , and these women pesa wanapewa na bado wanakuibia indirectly wanawake hawatosheki

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Single mother crusader, shut your mouth and learn your lesson!!! Ghasia kabisa

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Hii marriage joh…!!so inshort you marry a mungikiress AKA kanjo AKA jangili inatafuta all sorts of extortion methods ndio ukuwe a good,caring and providing omuhusband.
mkiambiwa marriage is a female enterprise platform hamsikii…:D:D:D