hii ndio umama

Shamora Collins
When my wife wife’s maternity was done she wondered what we would do for baby Christabel since she had to resume work… I thought of hiring a maid but after seeing brutal maids actions I told my wife I will be going to work with her… She laughed I told her I couldn’t risk my child with a maid . my work being flexible and my wife couldn’t go with her… I took up the role…so I asked my wife how to bathe her,feed her, dress her and how to hold her which she gladly taught me… Its a month now since I started working with my daughter… Iam happy and enjoying every moment ,she no longer cries for the mum anymore…
Baby Christabel thanks for being cooperative she sits well in her car seat and listens to music and we drive too and from work as she laughs.
Thanks my boss for letting me bring my daughter along . and to all my colleagues thanks for the support
Fellow men Dont get ashamed of your children play your role…
Proud Dad

Use your normal handle bro if u r a proud Dad

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hii sasa ndio kuwekewa tag hauwezi endea slice ama hata kushika kamoja n mtoi bibi ako sure amekufunga

mwizi keshamulikwa ! No imagination whatsoever!

Hahahaha @Guru wewe ni mnoma. Mtu akikukosea just rem uko na offer kwangu. Kudos to Charles Waigwa

This guy is soliciting for sympathy slices that he will never get. What is he bragging about?

Kuna mtu napenda sana na singetaka tuachane. Uko na kamuti?

Progressive stuff!


@nairobilay una mtoi? Kama huna nyamaza.
I am sure that this guy will soon get so many slices atashindwa kukula. And I am saying this from my own experiences durin the days I used to tag my son along to various errands. Women are suckers when it comes to men with children…

i have kids…but you don’t go bragging about taking care of your responsibilities. And women are less impressed when you go out of your way to tell them the way you are great dad.
This facebook post would be fine if his wife or a colleague in the office posted it.

Ya Kufunga akili/tranjifoma, kuua, kuchizisha ama ya kuongeza upendo (threshold?

exactly hio ndioo UMAMA HIGH GRADE

Hakuna dawa ya mapenzi. mtongoze tu akikataa wachana naye

True that…


Big deal! apate watano wengine na aendelee na mwenendo huo huo,meffi!

Alafu iwe mtoi siwake ni wa ninja fulani huko offy ya wife… Kila slices nakiachia sufferer mabaki ndio zake