Hii Ndio Ngumi Bwegze


Hio uzito left hukua nayo hua juu hauezi icontrol vizuri ama nguvu hutoka wapi?

wachana na ngumi bwegze - hiyo ni ile ndoige ya karim mandonga yenye inatumwa kama parapanda.


Aaww shaiet, it had to be a booty scratcher in his nig nog elements:D:D:D

Hawa negroes wanaharibia black people jina. He should rot in jail.

That bitch is strong hio ngumi si mchezo


Her Grandfather murdered Slaves. It is just a little payback.

Millions of BLECKS died in SOdom Plantations and thousands perished and were tossed into the Atlantic. Fcvk the White devils

Utafanya @TrumanCapote ararue kinembe aki wank ju ya hiyo video

We can talk of black lives matter, and sing about historical injustices, but there are some lives that really don’t matter. That bastard deserves to be shot.

Shiet:D. This man should be in UFC making millions with those punches. Anaharibu nguvu akipigana na wanawake, he should get into the octagon and square it out with Jon Jones. Lakini uyo mwanamke ana nguvu, that punch is strong enough to knock you out cold for several minutes.