Hii ndio MGTOW?

Securing the bag

:D:D:D:D:D… alpha male anakula sherehe “ta gui!!!”

Alpha male enjoying his sweat.

Mwenye anauliza whether securing the bag is worth that haelewi its either that or sell fries at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage.

Its not like these kungurus have comparable alternatives. Sponsor akisema jump they ask how high.

They know that to earn that kind of money legitimately, they would have to work for it and bitches hate working.

She is so fucking embarrassed but she has to earn her keep…:smiley:

Mzae Ako na Mali safi

Ta ngoma!

I keep saying this. Men are very lucky creatures.



Poor men have no luck

Mwanaume ni pesa. Men also hit a very big wall if they go broke. Men aren’t lucky by any means.

kiongozi ananyonya vitu msoooori

Rich men are luckier than rich women.

Huyo dem ni professional stripper btw. Without money the man is easily an island.

VERY much so…

Poor men are worse off than poor women, though.

Hahah apana !
Poor women have bigger burdens than men too , especially if they have kids to feed.

You guys win all around.

Weh! Pesa muhimu

I also don’t give a fuck… not a single solitary fuck…

Ala, becoming rich is easy peasy. If I was a man right now in my station, guaranteed, women of all colors, shapes and zip codes would be licking the palms of my hands. Haha…well, I can’t allow that but you get the drift. All you have to do as a man is be rich (and tall). The authority given to men naturally is so profound ni nyinyi hamjui. If I was a man, I would never look at a single mother twice or a non-vachin. Successful men are the PRIZE, you can take that to JP Morgan and cash it.

[SIZE=1]Lakini Eve, why did you sin? [/SIZE]

My deer, we (MGTOW/Reach men) see what you did there.

What? :smiley:
Ama wacha tu.

Araa :D:D
Hii wacha nitoe laminated copy nihang kwa ukuta ya pig sty.