Hii ndio inaitwa wall ama nini

[SIZE=7]Breaking up because our timings were off: can’t move on[/SIZE]

After a while of dating, I finally hit it off with someone. He was the one who pursued me and really wanted us to see each other a lot. After 7 months, he could not move the relationship forward aka make it official (we were in a situationship). Before anyone says he didn’t like me, he spent a lot of time with me and was the one usually starting conversations. I felt he liked me. The bond and connection were beautiful: we never fought, respected each other, but he wanted to keep it casual. For an anxious attached, 7 months of a situationship was a lot more than I could handle. At 33, I cant be with someone who wont think of a future with me. Thats not what I want. I broke up, but cant move on because the only part that was missing were our timings to start something more serious.
I cant even think of a bad thing to say about him.
Any help? It feels like situationships are worse, because you couldnt even try.


Oh yes, the biological clock before the looming indefatigable mighty wall.

Lakini @Randy mason hii wall ikipigwa plaster halafu ipakwe rangi si inarudi form.