Hii ndio iliiuma Karen Nyamu

Maybe she wanted to go wiz Samidoh.
Leso nishavaa.

Having 2 different baby daddies with none of them stepping up to commit to her ndio iliuma. She’s tired of being in the cold. Anataka Sami by force because she thinks him and his wife are pushovers while she’s a town girl, a lawyer, she knows the world. Roho ya Jezebeli.

Samidoh is still a Bitch Nigga, dude was all over talk shows yapping about how his wife is his ex, dishing out relationship BS. Now see.

Who are these

The Samidoh’s

Tumesoma stories za samidoh tumechoka sasa

Wife yangu akinona hivo napeleka yeye millitary camp arudi after 3 months…

Goat wives kama wewe na @Finest wine mumeumwa sana na hii story ya samid-hoe aka @Tom Bayeye. Hivo ndio kunaendaga hii dunia. Habana mwanaume atakaa na wewe ukiendelea kujiachilia hapo BMI ifike 35 kama ya @kush yule mnono

Who is Samidoh and karen nyamu? I know matiangi, uhunye, ruto, kalojo, etc but this ones siwajui

Where have you seen my comments on this ishu…spend ushamba. I don’t know the pair. I trust on TrumanCapote aniletee hiyo manenos. She calls us puda wives and to some extent some folk are. This dog Sammy.does not deserve such a woman but was she raped…oh no. Washambas at work and then airing each other is the mark of stupidity.

The elephant in the room is that samidoh aliDFBLBHNKN

Uko invested hii maneno sana. What is your story?

Trust me samidoh will be claping her cheeks after this mess is over… you can clearly that woman still wants him na samidoh is yet to disown her. This shit is temporary wife azoe kua na deputy and I can guarantee nigga mad hoes in every area code.

Obviously. Nobody burns bridges with a baby mama hata mkijamiana juu pale ni unlimited landing rights. Problem is, she has another baby daddy already. So azoee tu kusalimiana na that other nigga. He is in a big mess. Kama lazima upate baby mama usiende kuzalilisha mwenye already ako na baby daddy mwingine. That’s where he fkd up bigly.

Finish him!

I was touched by their love and career story on Betty Kyalo’s breakfast show. That was the first time I’d heard of this one man guitar musician. I’m vested in kikuyu boy child affairs, so, seeing one of them doing things right by his high school sweetheart cum wife, there aren’t too many worthwhile love stories left anymore. The next time I heard him speak was concerning the affairs of Nyahururu local citizens. That’s my second home so I grew even more fond of him. Alafu on social media he has a fan base wazimu, he’s extremely famous. He can’t be popular for nothing so yea hivo tu, I adore him and his family. Like many others, I view Karen as a devil’s agent. Here was a perfect love story but she just had to ruin things for her own ego.

Unfortunately, psychos like Karen huwa wanagawa nigga anachanganyikiwa kama nansienz. Samido will be hitting that pussy in a few weeks ngoja njaa irudi. But the guy is a kadinya I have seen him many times with different kunguruz in exclusive joints akiwa huko kujibamba not business. That’s why I was surprised aliona azalishe the verified kunguru single mother.

Kama ako na akili the only interaction he should have with that nyamu woman is through lawyers. The fact that 2 of her exes died mysteriously should tell u huyo mama ni kasumba

Ongeza volume!!! o_O You also noticed…Goat wife ya Sami gets into a major car crash on the same day the video is released. She is a bad omen.

Mod pls arao me to raff. I know you are going.for the typo. Jana you went for my muziki na you invited guka MM hehehe…I got no comment on the ishu other than saying they are both v stupid from what I have read and a child has been born. Kwa sasa ni hayo tuu.