Hii nchi ilienda kitambo

I told you somalis are loyal to follow somalis and Somalia more than Kenya

nywele ngumu wakifanya nini Sudan?

I wish we get a strong man even if he is a dictator like Assad to lainisha this shieet

Well, these somalis were taken there with the bursaries from taxes paid by other counties like Nairobi, kiambu etc. It’s only fair we use more money in evacuating the terrorists back to Kenya. And to think these are the worst tax dodgers in this country. Their counties rely on your taxes 110%. Their work ni kulia serikali saidia.

Never travel with same bus with those dogs ukienda lodwar ama wajir .dirty and entitled swines

So nywele ngumu afanye nini sudan where people talk in arabic only? Fyi 90% of kenyans there ni muslim students studying islamic studies in universities