Hii mwanamke isiingie ikulu

sasa if a woman becomes president of the most powerful country sisi wanaume kwisha. Kenya kazi zitakuwa zinapewa wamama , mara sijui female empowerment saa zile ukidry fry msichana unawekwa ndani 40years, ukinyemelea msichana unacastratiwa. Nani ame watch iyo live campaign

Balls to the wall man, balls to the wall!

Women should not delude themselves that they’ll fare better under a Hillary Clinton presidency. If she wins she’ll just be one of the boys. She will not want to alienate men by being feminist. Even Negroes were happy to have “the first black president”, that has done nothing to stop the discrimination. They’re still getting shot fwaaaa.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I cant wait for the first debate between Trump and Hillary.

This woman and her husband should be in jail for treason…

  1. They killed our Gaddafi
    2.To safe guard Israel, she orchestrated the troubles now facing Syria.
    3.When she was Secretary of State, she refused to authorize a military rescue of the besieged U.S. facility and the nearby CIA Annex. Angalia the movie 13Hours.
    In the famous Blackhawk Down Mogadishu, her husband Bill Clinton was President, his Secretary of Defense, Les Aspin, found himself in the same crosshairs. Months before the Battle of Mogadishu, Secretary of Defense Aspin had turned down the on-scene commander’s requests for M1 tanks and AC-130 Specter gunships, weapons that would have changed the calculus of battle and saved American lives. In his refusal, Aspin had over-ruled then Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell, who also pleaded that these weapons were necessary to protect boots on the ground. Powell was right, and Mogadishu ended the political career of Les Aspin, who was forced to resign as Secretary of Defense two months later. [I]Lakini Hillary alisamehewa.


whether trump or Hillary becomes president it won’t have any effect on my livelihood, same way Obama the son of Kenya becoming president did not affect me in any way…in fact I want trump to win because he is more dramatic nione kama he will implement those crazy ideas he had

wewe kwani ulizaliwa na mwanamme???.. serreee

Wrong. Choice in the US leader will affect you. US bank base interest rates affect currencies pegged to the dollar. Ama bado unaishi maisha like when the dollar was Kes. 20/-?

such misogynist views should not be entertained. So we should lock up all women in a dark room? How do people disconnect women and the person who gave them life?

We, the non-Americans, should be more worried about what her foreign policy will be. All signs are that we will have more of the same interference in the mid East and elsewhere. I don’t know much about Hillary Rodham Clinton, but I do know she has supported pretty much every armed conflict that America has been involved in recently. We can expect that she’ll try telling us what to do.

Can the world get worse under Trump than it has under the Obama/Clinton dictatorship? Trump a shinde tone kutaendaje, wacha Kaumane. But I know Clinton will win hata kama nikurig watarig

Haiya…! Sasa pia huko mume export hii risto ya ‘it was rigged if I didn’t win’?

nothing different with a woman ruler. she wont be the first one. Actually history has confirmed the women make greatest rulers;
Maria Theresa of Austria,Empress Theodora,Empress Wu Zetian, Isabella I of Castile, Catherine II of Russia, Queen Victoria, Nefertiti
Queen of Egypt, 14th Century B.C., Cleopatra-queen of Egypt, 69-30 B.C.

And the our own: Amina-Nigerian Queen, 1560-1610, AL-KAHINA, wangu wa makeri-kikuyu etc

Upuss!!! Kwani nyinyi ndio mnachaguana? Its American who will decide who they want, sisi ni macho tu. Kelele ni za chura…

Greatest rulers? Really? Compare them to kina Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Shaka Zulu, Alexander the Great etc.

Angela Merkel is, Theresa May is, Margaret Thatcher was and Hillary Clinton will be, the world goes on. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West, will it matter less? Its about leadership qualities and not gender war which she may as well loose before being sworn in office as the majority of Senate and Congress members are male.

It was a patriarch society, that they rose to such high positions of leadership, and to warrant a foot note in history, they must have matched their male counterparts in every aspect.

I agree but calling them greatest rulers is a hyperbole

Stop dirty campaign and can you ejaculate real issues like real men with big dicks not bussy with bussy ass rumor mongering .jinga hii btw you were born of a woman ,wiped your ass by a woman and you still marry a woman ,why disrespect women? I question some religions in this world ,don’t know what they teach their people …schtupid

She is a lawyer and Lawyers are smart. You can be judged to hang but a lawyer will bail stinky puffy ass out out.
Bullshit all you do is hope she goes to jail,why don’t you start with El Bashir of sudan first , I question some ideologies of some religions views on women …you must be from a religion thay advocate for fgm …no wonder such a useless points “why she should go to jail?”
Why don’t you say the king of Saudi Arabia go to jail too for rampant human right abuses especially to Kenyans maids over there. When you come to real men’s talk make sure you have a long brain not stupid stuff that a faggot like trump talks and you come duplicate the same here .cheap cheap cheap

Eti lawyers are smart,lol…you are one stupid,ignorant fool if that is the basis of your argument…I was going to ignore your feeble sentiments cause of your puerile line of thinking,but fuck it let me give it a shot.First, there is no way you can compare incompatible variables,“eti we should start with El Bashir” how do you even wire your mind to think like that,I am appalled we have this level of stupidity kwa kijiji. Secondly,this is Murica we are talking about and not your average banana republic….mind you I said she should be tried for treason and not the War crime she has committed,an American Edward Snowden is in exile for the same crime Hillary committed, let me quote his tweet after Hillary was exonerated"Break classification rules for the public’s benefit, and you could be exiled. Do it for personal benefit, and you could be President" …I suggest you go read and research on what is America? and what are the values it has most fought for and admired? Who is Hillary Clinton? to enlighten that kisogo of yours …Otherwise spewing such nescient arguments is an embarrassment to the Male species(real men’s talk),please don’t breed.