hii muliona??


sande sana, i heard this on the car radio this morning at 6:25am

niaje kaderee…mi nadai wira ata ya kamagera joh.

BBC Focus on Africa was to air it today but as soon as it started there was a technical problem Then I knew those night runners mofos must be witches.

kumbe hawakuangi ndethe?

Inaingiza njeva

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Upus stupid acting, nimeacha after 2 minutes. hakuna night runner hukimbia akivaa nguo, uliza hata @kush yule mnono

tell us more please

tafuta ile hekaya ya @kush yule mnono akiwa Siaya

@Ice_Cube fanya mambo

The day I came face to face with Mundu Mulosi - Hekaya - Kenya Talk

Night runner lazima akue ndethe ndo body iwe streamlined. Nguo itaongeza drag na ifanye speed kushuka

Dressed for the camera, the run naked .
Ever been to kisumu past midnight, when they bang sufurias and tins chasing nyawawa ?


chieth!! Nyawawa are not chased by night runners

What’s nyawawa

Correct, chased by noise from banging sufuria and madebe at night … swali ni, huwa imagination?or have these devils ever been spotted ? In lake victoria or around ?

Zikikuja village yenu everyone gets out to bang the sufurias and othe metals to chase them away na sio eti night runners

Who are those Nyawawa?

They are devils that haunt the the lakeside people at wee hours