Hii life joh.. Unasoma 8 years kukua daktari then unakufa mysteriously after kwenda internship. rest in peace Dr Langat

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Hiyo backbone iliskia ouch!
Must have voted for ruto


Looks like he was snapped in two. Damn… RIP.

What’s the difference with that Doctor and this fellow down here?

Oh hold on, he did medicine for 8 year, so we don’t know what ate him

A commission of enquiry need to be done

Protect Eldoret, since Nakuru imeenda. If he was in Eldoret that whole doctor would be okay. Ghasia

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Hii ni kubleki gone wrong

inakaa 1000 ways to go ukiwa tei mbaya

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@TrumanCapote hapa Kuna content ya your next thread.

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There’s a demonic spirit in Kenya. This is not normal at all

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Huo mwili unakaa kama ni kutupwa ulitupwa. The man could have been murdered.


This has been happening, watu hawakuwa na cameras

Citizen tv wamesema alimadwa

Exactly, it’s not normal, then the heavy downpour cleared all the evidence

nakuru didnt even belong to the kalejingas. uyu msee anasema nini sasa? it actually belonged to maasais. even uasin-gishu was once a maasai territory.

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