Hii kubaff irudi kwao

As you all know I am a very rich man trapped in average skin.
In order to escape this predicament, I started my own hedge fund and based it in westlondon, aka westlands.

Now this big assohoe comes to vist our beloved Kenya, causes traffic mayhem and makes me some lovely losses.
Yesterday I missed 3 trading opportunities. So did my associate.
Today I left the house earlier, but I didn’t make it in time(my usual time)

Someone tell this fellow to pack up and leave already!

True. This stupidity of strangers coming into town and making our lives stop so they can have fun is not funny.


Gioism detected


Alchemist is the one and only. If I detect any other online personality thieve, I assassinate them.
Lakini si hii ngamia irudi kwao?
Aisee kufika westie ni nightmare.


Imagine niliwachwa na ndege yangu ya Amsterdam ati juu analand

grrrrr iza jo!
How much trouble do this guys think they are worth?

Tulieni bwana,mimi apana tambua jam.

meffi kabisa

But you know he leaves today, no one said he’s relocating here permanently.

Quite annoying. Luckily the nyahu has left. No wonder they took 40 years to get to Canaan:mad:

Hii ng’ombe ni kama to Obeezy. Na Cameron alikuwa anafaa kukuja but with brexit sioni. Otherwise, mngeona moshi.

haha Jaro Soja tiga wana

Ungeenda na cheki maneno. Kuna shortcut hapo CAR, upasue Chad hadi Egypt halafu upate watu wakukuvukisha Mediterranean Sea.

Hii flight route kwani ni ya kunguni the pilot who follows dry river beds?

Pewa red sea yote ufuge prawns


mbirrionare things this ones, i tell you now, ati you own what?..:eek::eek::eek:, and were left by what, of who? to where?:eek::eek::eek::eek: