Hii kitu tulisema hapa Ktalk

A man must be enslaved by all means. System needs men to be slaves and it has to make sure the man is enslaved even if it is to provide for bastards.

Why do women need to give consent for a man to test whether the kid is his. What are they hiding? This DNA sample gathering equipment imeleta wasiwasi. As y’all know, nakuanga incognito kwa groups za women na wametense sana.

Some are saying they are so afraid even kuacha watoi na baba yao asichukue DNA sample. The bes thing is that many laws meant to give women special privileges always come to bite them in the ass.

Most men will take the tests not necessarily to reject the kids but to just know what the serpent they are leaving has been upto. Once you know the results, you can always have it as a plan B. Is a kind of new found freedom.

Hii kitu itamaliza families especially in central province. Afadhali ikae watu walee watoto bila kujua their genealogy

What’s so different in central yenye haiko kwingine??? Sometimes you bafoons siwaelewangi.

He he he, uko na wasiwasi ni ualizalia mwanaume mwingine mtoto Bra. Truth sets you free.

Hukupata memo Bwana kangaroo? Hio haga nono unaonanga central unafikiria ni genuine okuyu genes? Hell no many okuyu men walizalishiwa.

Foreskinus unamaanisha tribes zingine hawazalishwi ama??

Waweke age limit, otherwise kuna talkers hapa watafukuzwa kwao.

ombidu nigga namaanisha wanazalishiwa but the rates are far higher pale central compared to anywhere in the country.


men are under sieke in bonobostan

Pretty soon y’all be asking for consent to fart in your own homes.

that day is coming, and it wont be too long

DNA ni muhimu kama haukuoa virgin :D:D

Kuna some elders wakifanya DNA watapata the men they call mzae sio baba Yao :D:D:D:D na ndio wako hapa kupiga kelele

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D fact !

access to information is a constitutionally guaranteed right. hiyo ni ujinga.

a dna test will grant you access to CERTAIN wink wink information.


Watu wawache hulabaloo. Kunguru waache pressure game bado changa. Na mabrathe wacheze ndogo. Chezeni carpet. Hata a.rbortion is illegal but watu bado wanafanya tuu. Ukifanya DNA chini ya waba na upate watoto sii wako you simply keep that information private as you plan your exit or scorched earth policy. Huambii mtu kwa nini anakula ngumi za kahasho.

Exactly, information is power.