Hii kitu iko poa

New favourite yoghurt

Madam Templa weka zile thighs zako

I resist brookside product because of how Kalewa one has shafted us without lube.

Lakini pia mimi niko na swali!

love for yoghurt
love for the malls and shopping
love for going to watch movies
love for pikchas
fear of the dentist
love for BOGOF pizzas…this one oh this one!


Mrs Shosho now exits the building vvv hurriedly.

I have always said
Blacktempla = bigbooty woman , ntamkamua nilete mbicha

Hii ni tree veined species omba yeye fundamentals halafu ulete hekaya vile uliambia touch your toes.

Beta male

Huwa zinakujazz aje wankle???

Si tunaenda coast pamoja…you just carry lots of lube…utaleta hekaya baadaye

I did think about out trip for real but my fingers ran off. Nitaleta KY. kikikikikiki

Are you male or female?

Swafi my deerest…i will treat you with niceness and sweetness

It depends…why are you asking?

Hapana, hii kijiji itanishtua

Kwanini hamtaki hustler ifurahie maisha?


Last week it was gay for pay this week dog for pay. Wacha tutafute classmates wako watu show if you did dog walking jobs. Ngai! Just delete that thing b4 classmates wako waamke. Hii kweli ndio shida gani Jameni? Hizi ni mapepo. Wah!

Wacha kujiongelesha hapa

My favourite East African leader ndiye hiyo! Seriously Uganda will regret when hawa kina Bobby Wine take over. Lawlessness will be the order of the day and the Kenyans who have adopted Uganda as their home and loving it will sadly come back.
About the OP hehehe you’re crafting a reputation of being very girly girly. @Makonika will teach you how to stir your tea using an unwashed screw driver like a boss :smiley: