Hii Imeenda: Kenya Kwisha Adopts Raila's Mau Forest Eviction

Ruto Orders Eviction of Kenyans Living in Mau Forest

President William Ruto on Saturday announced the immediate eviction of people living in Mau Forest.

Speaking during the funeral of Titate Ole Sankei, Olopirik Village in Narok County, the President vowed that the government will not negotiate with encroachers.

The Head of State vowed that the government will pull out all stops to protect water towers in the country, particularly in the Mau Forest.

Explaining the steps the government will take to protect water towers, Ruto explained that Kenya has already secured financing to fence all water towers.

Aerial view of part of Mau Forest.

“Among the 10 water towers we have in Kenya, Mau forest is the most important,” Ruto affirmed.

Per Ruto’s thinking, this will deter more Kenyans from encroaching into forests and conserve water catchment areas.

“Those already in the forest (Mau) should get out immediately because we are putting up a fence. And it is not a request,” the President warned.

The Mau Forest is the largest water catchment area in the East African region covering an expansive 675,000 acres in Rift Valley.

The eviction of squatters from the water catchment area commenced by Raila in 2005 under former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration, when the government declared all title deeds in the Mau region invalid.

The Mau Forest is managed by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

Raila’s eviction of encroachers from Mau Forest was met with a lot of resistance from residents and politicians from the region which prompted the government to shelve the directive. Following this development, some encroachers settled back in. :smile:

President William Ruto has now promised to implement what his predecessors failed to do.

Hapo Niko nyuma ya hio jangiri, hao mau squatters warudi kawangware kwenye walitoka.

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@sani mambo ni matatu:

  1. Uhame mau forest
  2. Jela
  3. binguni kwa Baba
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The issue of mau Forest is bigger than RUTO,… it’s really about protecting what God :pray: gave us freely with all that humanity has …I feel where we are at right now no human activity should be allowed in any forest world wide…it’s that bad.

But he used it as a campaign tool

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You would do the same…it’s politics.

Now this will be a shocker if implemented. Aren’t the people living there Kipsigis?

Ruto will risk losing the restive Kalenjin sub-tribe?

Good job. Nabii we need to safe guard our forests

Kuliskikana kukisemekana ati a good number of those with titled land within the Mau forest are Arap Nyayo time retired senior military/civil service Kalenjin’s…hawatabanduka

Ruto is winning the 2027 election whether anyone supports him or not. IEBC is in his pocket. Supreme court is in his pocket. Server is closed.

Kenya has not had a real election since 2002 and the next one will be no different. Unless electoral reforms are instituted (unlikely)

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