Hii ilikua jambazi sugu wallahi...kudos to whoever killed him

Umesoma apo ju ama ni unyee TU una post angalia izi majina nimetaja alafu uangalie kama Kuna mtu WA one of those counties ali CHAGULIWA una mjua ama mnaongeaga na yeye:cool:nyee eno

Conviction sio mchezo elder, a crooked lawyer with the magistrate in their pockets will wipe the floor clean with a d- pale korti.

@Akon City II part 2 ime-drop, changamka buana

(Part Two)

[I]Shocking details have emerged on how slain thug Samuel Mugoh Muvota, recruited over 50 beautiful women who were deployed in major cities to steal from revelers patronizing popular entertainment spots.

In a series put together by detectives based at DCI’s Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Unit, the expose has laid bare the extent at which the women went in administering a drug given to mentally unstable patients at Mathare mental hospital. The drug known in the Pishori world as ‘Tamuu’ is categorized into four. Tamuu red, tamuu green, tamuu white and tamuu blue.

The drug was administered in doses, depending on one’s immunity. Men with high blood pressure would not wake up after the first dose. Such are the women whom Muvota deployed in different towns in shifts. In Nairobi, they frequented club Switch in Kasarani, Whisky River along Kiambu road, Red Lion in Ruaka, Oklahoma Choma Zone, Lacascada, Aroma, Backroom, Mkwanju, Dragon and all the clubs along Kamiti road from Roysambu, 44 and Zimmerman.

If a man was very careful with his drink, the ladies would offer him an energy drink claiming that he was too drunk and not up to the task ahead. This would be followed by soft smooches that that would stupefy the man in minutes. Incase that trick failed to work, they would escort a man (incase he was single) to his and prepare coffee or scrambled eggs, for the man to eat. Single men and eggs are inseparable!

After a successful harvest targeting clubs in a given town, Muvota would redeploy them to a different town for cover. Interestingly, none of the men who reported being stupefied remembered being intimate with any of the women. Even those found wearing condoms in their vehicles, the damsels would do it to deter the man from seeking assistance immediately they woke up, by driving to a mobile service provider’s shop. The unforgiving daughters of Eve would even disappear with the victim’s pair trousers as this gave them time to deliver the stolen items and seep the bank accounts dry.

To avoid any suspicion, the women who were well briefed on their assignment ordered expensive liquor, convincing the male patrons on nearby tables that they were ordinary revelers moistening their thirsty throats. Their bills would however be forwarded to Muvota, who would clear them from his base of operation in Roysambu or Githurai 44. The thug who operated in over six cars among them Nissan Ex-trails, Toyota Fielders, Honda CRV’s among others was always on the move.

He ensured that the women lived in one estate in Gatunda along Kamiti corner and another one in Kahawa Wendani where he would visit them to collect stolen Phones, Identity Cards and ATM Cards. The women would then be paid handsomely, depending on how one had been industrious in a given night. One of them who has since confessed and mended her ways owns a palatial home in one of the city’s posh estates. She currently preaches the good word.

Once the mobile phone, SIM card and ATM cards were in his possession, he would then call mobile phone service providers customer care agents, pretending to have forgotten his mobile money personal identification number and have it reset. That would mark the beginning of one’s financial woes, since the thug would send all the money to his fraudulent bank accounts and to add salt to injury, take loans from as many mobile money lending applications as possible adding more troubles to the never ending trials and tribulations of the boy child.

The high-tech phone scammer was so smart in his dealings that he left no trail of his transactions, by operating over 300 registered bank accounts, spread out across three leading banks.

One morning, he approached over 100 youths in Embu posing as a government employee who was recruiting job seekers to work as casuals at the Lamu port and Mau Mau road construction. After a sumptuous meal of nyama choma washed down with a drink of one’s choice, he told the clueless job seekers that they all needed new SIM cards and three bank accounts each from the leading banks. He helped them register the accounts and paid for their ATM cards.

Later he came back and asked them to register for mobile banking and use 1212 as the PIN number before collecting all the SIM cards, which he promised to deliver at the national Treasury, from where their salaries would be processed once they went to Lamu. The happy youths complied and as he left, he asked them to ‘Cheza Chini’ lest their appointments were revoked.

That was the last time they ever saw the man and none dared to report until detectives arrested some of them for fraudulent transactions amounting to hundreds of thousands of shillings. The youths who had never come across such colossal sums of money were dumbfounded and that when detectives realized that they had been used as conduits and released them.

Armed with personal details from the young men and women, Muvota had over 300 bank accounts that he was using for his transactions. In one day, he was making over Sh 1 Million from administering pishori to unsuspecting men.
He even recruited university students who would be paid up to Sh 5,000 for every bank account that was delivered.
Undoubtedly, Muvota was well updated in his trade to the extent that he knew all the ATM’s within the city and its environs without a CCVT camera. To avoid detection, he introduced himself as a police inspector based at Kiambu, and true caller identified him as Inspector Morris-Kiambu.

Preliminary investigations indicate that he had fallen out with some of his partners, who fled to a neighbouring country immediately after the murder. Detectives are hot on their trail.

Muvota had been arraigned at Kiambu, Makadara, Milimani, Thika and other law courts on numerous occasions but found his way out, often by approaching the complainants and paying them back their money. The complainants would then disappear.
Stay woke![/I]

Someone said if you want to hide anything to Africans put it in writing-they are allergic to books and reading.

“One of them who has since confessed and mended her ways owns a palatial home in one of the city’s posh estates. She currently preaches the good word.”

Huyu ni SIZE 8

Leaders of all Michele gangs should be smoked out . Next ni wale wa Tao hujifanya wanagamble or some chieth pretending to have dropped a biro pen kwa streets sana sana huko downtown

This is some next level shit .
Huwezi kosa one of his bitchez kwa zile photo hupostiwa hapa from 40forty etc

You live by the gun.
You die by the gun.
Rot in hell

I have serious trust issues with so many poor Kenyans in these streets masquerading as something they are not. A lot of Kenyans are really twisted upstairs. We take the cake for being unruly and pretentious. It’s really cringeworthy watching people all the time self destruct just to save face.

People can also be condemning crime but are hardcore criminals themselves. So hard to take up any advice in these streets even from pastors. I usually laugh so hard hearing people talking about morals knowing too well the many wolves in sheepskins. Wakora everywhere.

Watu wa wash wash kwani mumekasirishwaje na hii thread? Kama wewe ni jambasi speak for yourself, a bullet will locate you soon enough.

Are you the one who arrested him the 30 times?? Give the nigga the benefits of doubt. I can easily have you put down like a dog and pay good money isemekane you were a criminal.

You think cops can’t have in their possession evidence ya kukuwekelea makosa. We will never know what happened so let’s leave it at that.

Nonsense. How special is he for cops to target him out of 50 million Kenyans? He must have done something to appear on their radar. I admit, these long posts by the DCI appear somewhat defensive, lakini for one to be “friends” with the police you must be engaged in some underhand dealings. Whatever the case, he was a crook. Maybe not to the extent being painted, but he definitely wasn’t straight.

Dude comprehension skills are clearly lacking on your part. Your response is unnecessarily emotional. I said the society as a whole is fucked up. Some of those that condemn crime are also not that innocent as you wish to portray them.

This is not about the police. I have no issues with that. They fight crime based on the intel they gather.

I’m talking about the average Joes on the streets who masquerade as holy but behind the scenes are rotten. Your gullible mind probably cannot see this.

That is why a lot of the criminals who are caught do not fit the stereotypical ones. They can pass off as decent people.

Gava ilisema rustling is not a criminal offence but an outdated cultural practice. Ni hayo tu…

But your reasoning is very shallow as @captain obvious has said we have more than 20million mature men in Kenya. Do you think police will eliminate just a random guy on the street and plant 30 court cases?
To what gain?
Why did they let the lady go ?
As long as you’re doing shady deals with police or thugs be sure one day you’ll eat lead. Whether it’s extrajudicial or not, the greater public is happy especially after his past dealings were highlighted.
Halafu no lady has come out and said her husband was innocent and the saga should be investigated , not even a wailing family member has been shown mourning or condemning the shooting. That’s tell you something

Creative guy. Imagine if Kenya was a country that rewarded this kind of creativity. Kuna post nilisoma how North Korea math geniuses are put to work hacking and stealing from banks around the world. Just goes to show how fucked up we are if the best minds can only swindle to earn a decent living.

Correct! they do not want the attention as it may reveal more than they would wish to.

hata mimi nimeona hako kamama

Jamaa alikuwa genius, serikali ingempatia kazi

Allow me to provide an example, within this week I happened to be in his Lordship judge Odunga’s court. There was a hearing murder case which involved photographs of the murder weapons, so for the pictures to be admissible in court the officer investigating the case had to bond a scenes of crime expert to ascertain the credibility of the pictures.

1st the defence lawyers went after the officers credentials, these were infallible so next they went after the type of the camera and printer with the intention of creating doubt that the camera and printer are not specifically recommended by article 290 or something of the Evidence Acts.

Now as you can see in this example the loopholes being sought by defence meant to discredit the pictures, which would in turn cast doubt upon the weapons themselves.

Having film of the criminal act is only as useful as its admissibility in the court of law, there are dozens of examples including the Wetangula audio which was fiercley disputed.

Now try to imagine blurred cctv footage from the atms and cctvs which only point out circumstancial evidence, and even if the charges do stick the wily bugger approaches the complainant to withdraw effectively undermining all the resource it took to present the case to the odpp for prosecution.

On one hand you have highly educated and highly paid lawyers whose forte is criminal law vs dismally educated and lowly paid officers, political intrests intentionally tosses the NPS to the gutter so as to continue their plunder uninterrupted.

Until we as a nation decide to address this disparity then we’ll always get half assed prosecution.