Hii ilikua jambazi sugu wallahi...kudos to whoever killed him

I could not resist. Sorry

Facts. hii drama yote is to cover up truth

Ikr…they r not a truthful source of anythin

Being arrested for a crime and
being convicted of a crime are
2 different things!

they should have killed the wives too , scorch earth policy

drama, coverup or not, being arrested over 30 times shows he was a thug who deserved death earlier . wenye tumewai kula mchele in Nairobi we are celebrating

Huyo alikuwa ligi yake pekee.


:smiley: :smiley:

Leta story ango. Headline, za nini :D:D

Kill those 50 women employed by him

Right if those pictures at ATMs are his sure let he rot, but police are really good at defamation to cover up unfair executions

Yeah. That’s the bit that stumps me… How and why he was left to continue for conning for 11 years!

imefika mwisho is police have to execute these thugs

Boss Kenya is the one of the corruptest shitholes I know(Babu owino,sonko,joho,obado,ruto,rigathi,this other senator who keeps forgetting his hotel room and ends up raping people’s wives)are all leaders why do you expect miracles from cops:cool:

Then you don’t know plenty of corrupt shitholes. Ata hapa Africa, kuna shittier countries (not that it’s something to be proud of, but still facts).

Criminals in KE have great protection from police at very top levels because they share their loot. Hauezi manage career ya wezi bila bribes or kickbacks. Some of the guys are so protected they even get tipped off when they’re being looked for ndio wacheze chini.

I don’t consider all our cops rogue, but the ones that are really frustrate the ones trying to do honest work to the point of either making them quit, or join their crookedness. Nilikuwa nasoma zile posts za Hessy and he said how Mwanii(famous thug who also gunned down by police) used to always be a step ahead of them and constantly escape their dragnets.

That’s why kuna hizi units za kuwamaliza tu because of justice system issues and protection from big men. That said, i also believe those same units have rogue cops as they tend to kill these people when they become a menace to the cops or the big men who protect them. Some of the thugs are contracted to do work by the same cops and higher ups, wakimaliza a high profile job, they get killed so there’s no evidence.

As far as this particular case, its fair to assume he was killed because justice system had failed to hold him accountable. Either that or his racket had become too powerful and the money he was kicking back was no longer worth the trouble he was causing, wakaamua it’s time for him to retire permanently.

Properly stated. These ‘high value’ leaders contest and accupy the top most status and are ADORED by our people.you can get into a fight kwa mtaa for speaking about their shady ways

Then its law siku za mwizi ni arobanne

Is this real or fiction? I know that unaweza wekekewa ubonoko by some people