Hii homa manze

Kwani inashika kila mtu…
Nimeamka na headache wazimu, then kichwa inakuwa heavy kuliko mjolnir.
Nimeamka na mwili kwanza kama superhero…
And then am freezing banae… Wtf!!
Na hii koo man, wueh nikama kukona makaa moto imejiseti hapo ivo.

Lakini si eti hii inamaanisha I will be vaccinated. They can shove the vaccine far up their ass.

unaitwa nani jina ya ukweli?
tutume rambi rambi kwa ule slay queen rwandaneese mwenye umemukufia?


Mark Shakala

Tell her I still love her banae

The rate and ease with which it is spreading, I’m starting to believe its the Kung Flu

Pole seek medical help

Its like the masks have been compromised

Shakala hiyo ni corona ya omicron.

Village Doktaris @dr edu , @Dr. Kerre(PhD) @dr.n and @Dr.Terrible not forgetting @Dr.WHO kujeni mpime huyu Omicron.

Had it sometimes last week. That thing is crazy! Was told hio ni influenza and was given a flu vaccine. It can lead to some serious complications unlike common cold.Go get the vaccine

Ordinary flu does not spread that easily, just from being in close proximity with those infected.
And I’ve never had a flu with no mucus from the nose. The fever 24hrs after the first symptoms is the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Hizo symptoms ako nazo ndio za omicron.


Sina loss of smell, sina breathing difficulty, sina high pulse rate ,sina dry cough,

Like hell I will. I swear hata kwa death bed siezi kubali kudungwa hio shiet.
sina joint pains.
What I have is a runny nose and severe headache.

Mwambie apime c reactive protein and covid antigen tests crp ikiwa more than 10 ama antigen ikuwe positive aanze acyclovir, ascorbic acid bactoclav cetrizine na achukue fruits. Though am sure he is trolling as always

Kufa punda wewe

Punda ni wewe na watu wa kwenu. I will take a dump on your grave, Conniving cunt.

I had the same thinking as you but the doc said otherwise. The symptoms of flu are very abrupt. I did not have a running nose but the temperatures especially at night were crazy! Joints were on fire and the throat was burning. Itaisha tu as fast as it appeared.

Hata imeanza kupotea. I guess I am superman after all. The oracle was right, I am an immune immortal.


Immortal until you login pale tagged