Hii Hesabu Haiingiani



1396 ndorras

What’s your point?

Maybe exchange rate ya Kenyan cops ni 128 bob to the dollar

It’s 112


He also had over 100k Kenya shillingis

Nothing,why calculate with invisible numbers? D minus ikisema hio ndo pesa alikua nayo ,you better believe it. That guy had more money than what is mentioned

That man must have been having more than $2500. D minus can never and will never hand over the exact amount. They only failed to do proper mathematics and they ended up giving contradicting figures.

I was also thinking that. What 1396 and not a good 1400. And why caryy 1396 and 1500 or 2000 or 5000. Why some funny funny lose change. Yani umeamua kumalizana lakini unabeba mashilingi ya kuhongana?


Mazematics is nowhere close to zeir recruitment requirements. And they are NEVER wrong!. Hapana shindana na Afande wewe raia.