Hii Generation Ya Dinosaurs Ndio Shida Kubwa Hapa Kenya. Their Time Is UP!

Meru Elders (Njuri Ncheke) defend Interior CS Prof. Kithure Kindiki and Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome. They say, attacks on the two are politically motivated.


Nikama walipeana mkia tight

More like dunderheads

Hawa ma elders and not just meru ones, say and do the darnest things

Dynamics of those groups push them to extremes,

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What happened to that kale Mzee who was threatening sapere in Rift last week? Aliendewa or not? Had he been a sapere or laker issuing such threats, how many hours would it have taken authorities to locate and arrest him ?

Most tribal generation


The political class will find a way to use them in 2027. There is now a clear difference between age groups. Politicians can NEVER fail to exploit such differences.

These are just stupid…they haven’t realized that time ya “mtu wetu” is over.
Anyway their vote won’t make any difference
We are a woke nation now

He was just shouting from the rooftop what others whisper under the bed in their mud huts behind their mothers’ kitchens.

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i am eagerly waiting nione what will happen in 2027. i am 100% sure some geezers wataenda home and leadership of young people will arise.

2027 is far and Kenyans forget fast. You will be surprised that Ruto gets reelected by 9 am

Now that they want to use vehicular polling stations, most votes will come from Kaptembwa and Kapsakwinyi Bus Saccos.

gen z wont forget. watch this space. unless useme wazee wa miaka 50 na 60.

Let’s be honest it comes down to two key factors of uhuru and Co manage to ouster him from Mt kenya politics and Rao shuts f up then his cooked

Gen X tutashikana na Gen Z tunyonge these stupid old dogs


Yes many many young people will come in 2027 but not the ones that were on the streets protesting. Its opportunists people who never lifted a finger throughout the protests.

Penye wazee hapakosi jambo wadau. Wazee wanajua kenye wanasema. This wazee have wisdom beyond your educated minds. They can see further seated that the tallest man in this village can see standing. Hii generation imepotea na wazee itabidi wameingilia kati.


What Ngimanene saw sitting on the :toilet: in 2022

Ghaseer geezers

If Genz and millennials vote in large numbers then hawa boomers kwisha.

Yes but all that is dependant on how many Gen z are actually able to vote. The numbers of Gen z that would provide winning numbers can very easily be disenfranchised via ID/voter card manenos

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