hii forum bure kabisa

people are so proud of fucking malayas in this forum, watu bure kabisa!!! uwesmakende as their chairman!! kila saa malaya malaya, useless people in this place

You are the one who needs to prioritize where you spend your time and what you read.


What I do believe is that some people don’t practice what they preach here. There is a Kyuk song that spreads this message…that the hyena and the rabbit were walking home one day describing how they will thwack their wives wakifika home. The hyena beat his wife and the rabbit was beating the drums.
‘Warufuku arumagie darama nake warohiti arumagie muka…’

Some people are just expressing their inner fantasies…same case applies to the self proclaimed MGTOW KTALK Brigade…mmmmmh

Nvchieth. Apana cheza na deepstate. Ghassia

this forum cannot grow with such topics. Kitambo hii forum ilikuwa juu, sai ni bure kabisa, kama unataka eye cleansing ingia pornhub

mzee mjinga wewe!!!

How you lost my like…

their fantasies are what bring about the actual practice

Same here bro.

I have nothing against mgtows and redpill. I’m against whorish men here who are proud of fucking malayas. Fuck a malaya and keep that shit private to yourself. Don’t come sharing pics hapa

Cooomer wewe hamia kenyannlist kijiji ya wazee:meffi::meffi:

mbwa wewe!! kumamako!!

My first time seeing this handle.who the fuckk are you.tomba mamako

wewe ni mtu bure kabisa!!!

You want us to be discussing your tiny penis or what?

Instead of complaining like a woman just ship out. The admin is fine with the contents you are bitching about.ship out nothing will change

matako mbwa wewe!!!


Kwani malaya hukukalia kama mnyama ama nini? Malaya si mtu? Kuna ubaya gani kufak malaya?

go wank!!!