hii dume inaringia slices na ni miaka kidogo tu atoe kipara kama guka yake

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Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrews has denied dating Akothee’s second-born daughter Celine Dion Rue Akello.
In an Instagram question and answer session with fans, Andrews said he has never met Akello who is a model but wouldn’t mind bumping into each other…
“I have not met her but I am open to being a friend of hers. She seems like a cool person,” Sean answered a fan after asking whether the two were dating.
It all started when Rue opened up about her celebrity crush during an interview with Pulseand confessed that Sean Andrew makes her heart race.
“Sean Andrew. I love him. He looks presentable and has good looks. He is a model just like I am,” she said.
Despite having never met, the public has somehow always found a way of pairing them.
While Rue has never opened up about her relationships publicly, Andrew has always informed his fans of how he’s love life is fairing.
In another post, he also disclosed that he is considering dating once again after his ugly break up with vlogger Elodie.
“I’m enjoying being single, but I may be considering getting back into the dating pool,” he said.

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who names his kids sean andrews or celine dion ?

helicopter parents



Bullshit, mtoi wa akothee ni mfupa sura mbaya