hii bottom up itafanywa vipi jameni

Pale Twitter Ndii ako na hasira akiulizwa mambo ya bottom up… kuna mzito amemuuliza , hizi loans zitatoka wapi ilhali govt inalemewa na its own loans.

In my personal opinion, the next govt will be in a tight spot,
we are hugely indebted, right now most of collected revenue is going to loans repayment and govt recurrent expenditure , not to forget wastage.

Anyone promising sharing-focused/spending oriented manifestos is lying.

Right now the people we should be listening to are those telling us about how to balance repayments of loans/recurrent expenditure with progressive taxation meant to encourage more production, in the hope that we will expand the tax base.

Sina ubaya na hustlers but right now focus should be spurring more production and export.


It is just a slogan, nothing behind it. Just like unbwogable, odm-chungwa, tingiza kidole, tuko pamoja etc. There is nothing like bottoms up in an economy that has no up, everything is bottom

hii slogan itaishia kwa swearing in

I listened to Isaac Mwaura and Nelson Koech trying this concept on Citizen TV, and the two were struggling. Asked why they weren’t boosting Uwezo fund , they couldn’t give an answer.

Ona tu Thuraku vile zimetii :D:D

MPs have no soul. Waliuza to the devil for political patronage sasa ona unawekwa live TV you sell shit wee mwenyewe unajua inanuka ka meffi ya mtu haja mbiela siku mbili. Naturally you’ll struggle and be uncomfortable with hard questions because you know most of the audience are no fools and see right through you

Bottom up means peasants wainame wachukie sabuni mngoje.

You must be stupid to think bottom up.I meant to help you.

Bottoms up is possible.
I would campaign on the same platform had i been a contender.
All you need is political will, commitment, a radical shift, belt tightening, a strong team.
Dont forget things are tanking coz of grand corruption…loans are being diverted big time…if you nab thr corrupt and embark on serious assset recovery, deploy idle assets got by grand corruption to productive areas of the economy, deploy extention officers under a serious professional directorate, hawa watu kama mafundi na engineers na jua kali workers wawekwe mahali in clusters all over the country wawe registered na recognised as official service providers…i can go on and on…bottom up is so easy to implement.
Focus should be spurring production and export…very true…you have answered yourself…get everybody economically engaged, improve quality controll and value addition.
Why do you think junguz wakitembelea coffee and tea farmers in cendro wanashanga na the poverty…zi ni cartels na exploitation of the many by the few.
Im no supporter of ruto…mi huwa ambia tulinde katiba that you know…so shida si ruto…shida ni nyi wapigaji kura…give a man a rope ong enough to tie himself.
Mkiamua ni ruto…tutaumia sote…but bottom up is spot on. Encourage industry and expertise…m.a.g.a to make kenya great.

sielewi bottoms up, yaani wananchi ndio watakuwa wanapewa pesa na china then sisi tupatie sirikali ama?

:smiley: wewe rudi danguro tu na umumunye konyagi nitalipa

:DSomething of sort

Sadly, our politics is not driven by ideology.

Politicians will coin and use any slogans to get votes. Very little separates them.

That model will not work as long as there is grand corruption in Kenya. Projects meant for the common man are always swindled by those charged with its implementation. Uhuru has developed markets and revived polytechnics, which is a good move. he has also tried to establish health centers in informal settlements in Nairobi.
However, Kenya is still largely an agrarian economy. The rural population needs direct empowerment, which I believe the county governments should manage. In each area, processing factories should be established so that the farmers get the benefit of value added goods. Prof kibwana did something in Makueni with the Mangoes. Some Nyeri coffee farmers are also earning good because of the improved system of auctioning the product. Potatoes farmers need to have processing plants and modern storage facilities so that they can have a higher bargaining power in the market.
At the top level, government will have to introduce trade policies that will discourage foreign products and services that can be done by the locals. By now we should be minimizing on Chinese contractors. The regulatory bodies only need to be strict and fair to the local engineers.
It is possible to stimulate the economy organically and not through handouts, harambees and loans given to youthsand women with no business plan or experience.

Great points. The easiest way to reach the the peasants is through unhindered access to markets especially for farm produce. Cartels like KTDA should be overhauled.There was an idea of a commodities market with proper market auction process but it was brought down by special interest groups aka Middle men.

Also overhauling the education sector. Make all schools ‘national’ allow for day schooling and make it totally free.

There’s so many easy ways to reach Wanjiku but it threatens the status quo.

Most of what you suggest is already in law. For example Sugar importation is “prohibited( controlled)” . But the millers actually import Sugar anyway. Truth is a subsistence style economy on the Agricultural side will never compete with commercial farming pricewise. At least, as long as you allow unabated importation. People retire to farm in Kenya. How do you compete with career farmers worldwide. Overfished lake victoria so farmers have to go deeper and come out with less. So their prices will always be higher than commercial ponds in China. So the question becomes, should consumers pay more and support local farmers or should they pay less ( life more affordable) and support importation. There are solutions to both. Farmers worldwide are at the lower chain of profits. Larger profits are had by value added operations. Which means a farmer can become rich by larger acreage. Average size of a maize farm in Brazil is over 200 acres? How big is it in Kenya? 3, 5 acres? How do you compete?

Bitcoin and Mpesa, Pesa ifike direct to citizens.

Ndii in my eyes ni meffi. Just an academic for hire, his opinion swayed by the highest bidder.

Bottoms up economy is say if you are an Agricultural country, then empower the farmers. That’s the way i understand it.

Kenyan voters’ collective inability to think outside the box means that they are stuck between the deceitful empty sloganeering of the bottoms up campaign of Ruto and the unimaginative and morally bankrupt camp of Raila/Uhuru.

One thing is certain- Ndii in 5 years, if he is still alive, will be in whichever opposition camp existing in 2027.

Commercializing agriculture will surely help in achieving economies of scale. However, the existing structure in Kenya is that of small farms. The big players are already benefitting, they are the likes of Kenyatta family with plantations that process and export their produce directly.
Now, with the so called “Bottom-up economy”, there should be ways to empower the small farmers, that are actually the majority. For example, Governor Wa-Iria from Muranga tried to give dairy cows to his people but the approach and quality if cows was wrong. With the right approach that involves capacity building and training, farmers will benefit by such moves to provide them with quality dairy cows and then the government ensures payment is fair and prompt.
I have seen coffee farmers in Nyeri provided with the new improved Ruiru coffee bushes that are grafted. Their output and quality increases, and so does their earnings. With such empowerment across the country, poverty levels will reduce as the farmers will have enough for food, healthcare, education, and some little investment that will create employment.

Bottoms up for me is mostly about 2 fundamental things;

Empower the citizens with jobs and have very good framework that supports taxation hence (formal economy base is expanded to atleast more than 60pc). Remember most people have demand for goods but lack the ability to actually buy.

Provide expansive economic stimulation where you are assured the gvt collects back substantial amounts of that money through taxation hence growth in the economy sub sectors