'High value men' healing each other

Enyewe black men (sitawaita orangutans Leo) done hit ROCK BOTTOM sasa hii ndio high value wajameni?


Meanwhile white men are finding healing by going to the moon and inventing and building ? I’m totally defeated. Black men why? WHY? Black men huu ni ungwana kweli? Nauliza ni UNGWANA? This is how white men heal each other. Bruh ni lini mutafika huku when your role model is Future. I’m so sad to be black.


Wat do u want us to do to heal each other ?we can’t go to the Moon and leave the problem here on Earth that’s escaping the issue and it hurts this white psychos like nansense .
Blacks are doing well ,put the cause of your problems down to were it belongs.

Enigma wants to heal by opening your boot

Kuna some “alpha males” called Fresh and fit. I’ve never seen such insecure men. Alikuwa exposed


The industry is a gold mine even gey men are now hetero relationship experts.

I’m the prize dear and you are the trash or the toilet paper that is why you really love boots. Nigga at 125 I would NEVER even consider being 500km of your sorry ass.

You are just pretending here but deep down you want Enigma to split and spit between your butt cheeks