High Value Man

There’s a certain age where every man who has any sense of work ethic and ambition reaches whether you are a business exec, a thriving entrepreneur or just an ordinary worker, the age when you turn down pussy after analysing the pros and cons of dipping your mjuols in any wet crack that shows the slightest interest in you. An age when you have much to lose. An age where you are still attracted to light skin pre wall soft meat but they don’t really move you. An age where losing a chance to get pussy isn’t lost opportunity. An age where you realize that the true GOD is MONEY. But I scroll through this chanel and all I see is PUSSY worshipping weaklings. I hope you all grow up.


sasa tufanye aje?
tukufire mkundu nini



Umegula point

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You don’t turn down a pre wall soft meat unless una ngangana ED, ama umesota

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You are gay if you are not interested in pussy anymore


Read to understand not to comment. Shifo kula ngumi ya maskio.


Hapa nshafika.

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An essay just to summarise your transition?

We know you now, Elders mark this bonobo na usiangalie pande yangu, I’m still a virgin and I’m not transitioning.

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Dont take anything here seriously.

So what exactly are we supposed to do with this opinion? Aren’t people supposed to live their lives according to their rules without being policed by holier than thou moral brigade? Grown-up folks are entitled to make choices to live however they want it’s free will, it’s a free country, wacha watu wadinyane na wakae maisha kivyao.


Topic was interesting until the “ light skin part”
Men who rate women by the color of their skin are maffi that should relocate to west Africa


Ndio maana ilitwa sex and relationship…peleka your high value self kwa business section na huko


Only jamaa wamesota cannot turn down. Lazima wakule ile rare kill. Kwa sababu sisi birrionaire tunarushiwa left and right. Lakini hatutaki resultant drama and problems. We are too visible kuingia Embobut forest.

Kila mtu na taste yake…

A man who is able to tame the appetite of his deek is a responsible man


Mweffi simp utampata akinunulia mbitches choclate valentinea