High speed & affordable wisp and fiber solutions

Coming soon in mid October 2019. We will offer you amazing internet packages that include fiber-to-the-home and wireless hotspot connectivity in Embakasi area (pipeline, fedha, utawala, donholm, greenspan, tassia e.t.c). Our website is under construction and nearing completion. We will be providing daily, weekly and monthly packages that you will be able to subscribe via the website for both fixed broadband and WiFi hotspots. Our infrastructure relies on high-speed fiber as well as satellite internet (for redundancy). IT’S HOT! IT’S AMAZING! For more inquiries, contact 0703809426.

Ikifika tuambie. Sio kucheza na ngoma bado mbichi…

usijali… bado kazi ni intense…

What do you mean by “free email addresses”? :D:D:D
Isn’t email mostly free? Ama are you providing customised business emails for free?

ok. you will be provided with a customized email that you will use for making subscriptions etc. though utabuy router (approx 1500) installation (1000) and first subscription… we will start even weekly packages

Why would a person need 6 free customized emails for making a subscription? 6!? Sita! Za kununua subscription?!

And why doesn’t the subscription work with all the other reputable email providers? No one has heard of your “email provider” so why would anyone trust you enough to use the “6 free emails” to subscribe to your offerings?:D:D:D

si mnaezabuy wasee kadhaa mshare net na kila mse ako na email. okay if you think its a joke wacha tujipange poa alafu ntakushtua…

Hii story ilifika?