High School Student in Kabras kills his friend over flash disk/Rongo Uni student killed and dumped in River

A high school boy stabbed his classmate in Lugusa Friends High School to death over a dispute over a flash disk . The murderer is in police custody

A 4th year male Rongo University school who has been missing for a few weeks has been found dead in a river 2kms away from the campus with marks indicating foul play.

Why all this aggression in Kenya especially men?

Yaani unakuanga na obsession na vitu zingine… acha tu.Lakini flashcard high school kitu ya maana.

Mental Health Awareness month for this year was October (1st - 7th). I just have a hunch that most of these are as a result of clueless chaps who didn’t know how to handle their current mental state.
Reason I say this is because in JKUAT, a student took their life because of looming results and two weeks later, another chic tried to kill herself juu ya the same thing. Preceeding this, was another suicide in July.
There’s a clearly something wrong in how students uni handle stress & anger and this might have been extended to your cases… and even that of the kid who headbutted his ex’s friend.

tl;dr - Issue ni guidance that lacks in so many institutions in Kenya.

GB ngapi?

Who was guiding us and counselling us? Cerelac babies! Even us we had stress. Parents need to toughen up your kids you’re not doing them any favours babying them.

Uko Kwissero una expect zikuwe ngaaa??? Ama some GBs are justified to kill over? Onsarigo will ask him on case files.

kweli nimezeeka mimi highschool kitu ya maana ilikuwa kiredio kingine kidogo from china unaskiza john Karani through earphone akicheza countdown from saa nane to 4 infact siku za countdown zingine nilikuwa after lunch sirudi class ,

Watu huambiwa warudishe flash hawaskii…

Georgina when oh when will you ever post something remotely positive? gosh hata kama it is you commenting on someone else’s post? just something that it is sunny out there etc…these dark posts say a lot about your inner soul. Each time I open your post I find macabre tribal hate filled stuff. Not asking you to change your postings naaaa but the stuff you occupy your brain with 24/7 will always manifest itself in real life.

This is the source of all problems, we live in a different world than the one you experienced,

If I had time I would trace killers back to the biblical times and show that they are the forgotten descendants of Cain.

Wait I just did, genius.

Flashdisk is the equivalent of someone stealing you macbook and claiming they don’t have it, in highschool small things and the lack of freedom can fuck your mind

Wacha bwana, some things can be controlled

Yeah tough guy… Thump your chest in public then suffer silently because bravado is cool and vulnerability is for the weak.!

inaonekana ile ngono ilikua hapo was enough to dispatch someone to their maker if they lost it

Sasa if people are killing each other on daily basis, gover has sunk poor Kenyans into a morass of inflation you want me to post teletubbies ndio nikufurahishe ,the world is what it is and if I actually relished all these terrible things that are happening by our society Id have accepted it like you and many others and never talk about them because they no longer shock me or catch my attention. Pls enda youtube utafute motivational speeches if you came to my post looking for positivity , hautaniambia what I should post, am all about reality and the things society wants to sweep under the rug as normal which are wrong and abnormal. I dont need to justify my content to you Madam. If you feel the place needs positivity then post it on your account. As for my soul, its only God, the devil and the people who deal with me on a day to day basis who know the light or darkness in it. I can tell you for free that if you and I stood for an elective post that recquires virtues you wouldnt hold a candle to me. So if you dont like what I post block me, dont talk about things you have no idea of like what is in my soul.

As for tribal hate filled stuff, I do not condone corruption and the enslavement of Kenyans for the benefit of a few. If you think am tribal because of that you’re entitled to your opinion as am I to pick what side of the political divide I stand for or against. Yes am very very tribal and I hate any belonging to any tribe including my own that enslaves the majority and is destroying the future of our posterity for personal gain. I will never support Jubilee as long as theyre in power so get over it. I dont owe anybody allegiance except God. If you feel am a hate filled tribalist for speaking against your beloved Chupilee pls block me and follow wakina Jubilee ‘Developments’ brand ambassador and your fellow sycophants. Dont hold your breath for me to turn pro-Chupilee. The only thing manifesting itself in my life is the good things that God has in store for me and mine. My brain is occupied with many,many,many things some keep me up till 3am working hard to self actualise so when am here its time for the ugly realities, when am with my fam or doing my school work other things occupy my mind then. My brain is not a one track mind to be occupied by only one thing like yours and I dont believe in the Law of Attraction new age teachings, I believe in God’s sovereignity and doing the best one can do is what manifests into reality.

@Mrs Shosho here are the types of positive things my mind dwells on


These days it is youth against themselves, something is wrong somewhere

Oki thanks. Nitasoma some other time.

Hizi sinyiti.