High school bullying and homesexual manenos

There is a national school based in Nairobi where several form 1 kids have decided kuhepa this term after being bullied and subjected to homosexual behaviour especially at night. Very scary for parents. What advice would you give a concerned parent especially on the homosexual manenos? Would being a day scholar help? In our days it wasn’t as rampant. But bullying ilikua kidogo especially first term.

Teach your son to take it from the back like a man.

You gay fuckers need to be shot in the face

Since corporal punishment was abolished in schools, anything goes na these Gen Z’s.Spare the rod and spoil the child

This topic can be well discussed by @kanguthu

This is his area of expertise. He started messing with @Thirimaii when @Thirimaii was just a big eyed innocent form one boy.

By then @kanguthu was a full blown form 3 homosexual.

Hekaya za homophobics

Parents should atop raising poosies. There is this Quartermaster General that was our standard issue tukiwa MI6. I have issued it to all my kids wanatembeanga nayo everywhere they go. Hatari sana. Can be hidden and deployed in less than a second. My daughters have an additional cheese cutting wire hidden in their wristbands that can slice through the throat alongside their pepper sprays.

Inasaidia nini na pengine wao ni alphabets.

The parents must be blaming Liberal Woke Americans… :D:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Boarding schools zipigwe marufuku. Useless.

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And then you have to deal with unwanted murders

Ombwakni, I have taught them all I learnt at Fort Monckton.

Schools daily manages are having extremely difficulty time, it’s worse in schools were managers are homosexuals case in point a public school in kirinyaga county which expelt form 4 students last week

Paka lube wacha upuzi.

What did they do, expulsion of form 4 in second term? Noma sana.

Kuna boyz wa onjiko alidungwa kijiko kwa matako. Noma sana



High school is a breeding ground for the gey community. Just ask @Agwambo what he was doing in men’s hostels pale UON. After kubinja @Heke the previous night, he had to run to student hostels boyfriend amefanyie the needful. @Agwambo I told you one day a hostel will burn down with you inside, enda Air b n B at least itakua na fire extinguisher uachie hostel students maskini.

So you mean kiboko is the answer especially on the homosexual issues in schools? Kua serious banae

Rakini ojue kuna these kids from ferry remote areas who need to access ediukesheni na kwao hakuna shule karipu.

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