High-school brawls. Ngumi kutembea

I love traveling a lot… Long, lonely drives to the countryside with country songs on “full blast” . Road trips are my things, though miss is an indoors person. When stressed, i hit the road to no particular place, in greek we say(o karima ga gua) loosely meaning “on a hill i will fall” just literally talking. Traveling and meeting new people is very therapeutic to me, i recharge my batteries when in solitude. Such traveling escapeds took me to a small town in baringo (loibon, eldama ravine, i guess its loiboi, siko sure).
I always look for opportunities to travel, and that made me join most clubs while in high school, and boy did i travel.
While in those trips or rather (funkies)a lot of shit happens, slices kwa basi, vita no VITA, and i mean war that is if you atte ded a ver notorious school like mine, teachers on practice kupeana coomer, robbing, all those peer fuelled madness.
The brawls were more serious if not fatal, as many were disabled, dents , fractures and even death in rare occasions. Our school was very notorious, tulikuwa na vita na karibu shule zote within our county, of course we were unbeatable, our uniform also gave us the 'powers,… Woe unto you if ungeshikwa peke yako… Ungepata vita ya maka, and that meant war with the rivaling school.

Music it was to my ears, when opportunity to travel to nakuru for one week was announced kwa parade. Preparations were made, arrangements were made, some few food bribes to earn your slot in the list of heaven.
The day came, and off we went to nakuru, bang was ‘pulled’ chavez was put, ugoro, ndovu, illicit brews enroute to the garde of eden, as the skirt weares were in plenty.
The event was happening in nakuru town during the day and by night we could retire to various schools within the district to sleep. Mambo ya County haikuwa,… You can imagine what happened in those darkness as school buses were parked in one place, and 8pm bado tungejipata kwa field.
Hiyo one week ilikua na mambo, vita kila siku, mara one no many student were arrested, vituko mingi.
So during the last day of the event being a Friday it was the worst. Why? Because keshoyake there would be no event, thus no scores would be settled. Juu mkipiga mmoja wetu Monday, Tuesday tunawapiga, it was so.
Kwa hivyo the last day one ought to be careful minding you it was a convergence of all Kenya schools, so imagine the next time mtapatana. That Friday i swore i would be safe, but the fisi in me couldn’t hear none of it.
Nikazunguka through the maze of the hundred buses in the field trying to identify my prey.
Luck was on my side, i spotted a lone ranger, i a approached her, she had a green skirt, the straight ones special for funkies, imeshika matacore proper, a white blouse, inside she had a dotted bra which brought the cleavage out in 3d.naogopa hii simu kuzima, just allow me to save, then i continue on the next thread.

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