High Quality Helmet Withstands Trailer's Weigh & Saves Rider From INSTANT Death

Motorcyclist fell while overtaking an 18 Wheeler trailer and his head was ran over by a set of rear double wheels. His helmet withstood the crashing force and he survived.


Something happens to the brain when humans ride on those two wheeled contraptions…na bado kuna jamaa wa nduthi nyuma anataka kuzua…i can hear his voice “kujeni muone I derefa ya trella inataka kuua mwenzetu”:cool:

Free ad for the helmet company.

The fake helmets that have floaded the makrket can even break when they drop off a parked nduthi.

Does that Compnay make Condoms,Natafuta Kondom kama hii, that can withstand any pressure:D


I drive, and ride motorcycles in equal measure. In town, bodabodas are mostly unruly and flout traffic rules with reckless abandon. But on open roads they adhere to traffic rules, which makes me wonder why drivers (specifically but not limited to Prados, matatus, probox, buses and trailers) would deliberately decide to overtake on a single lane road with no shoulders when they see the only oncoming traffic is a motorbike? Most here are guilty of this. Huwa mnatarajia jamaa wa nduthi aende wapi?

why would that egg head squeeze between? couldn’t wait?

you are enjoying the breeze and the rumble of the full titanium akrapovic fart can… the sunset is right before you… enjoying the moment. your side of the road has no traffic, then as you approach a small bridge with metal guard rails/ barriers on either side. the Prados, matatus, probox, buses and trailers and the shuttles start overtaking from their lane to yours! and the bonobo is flashing headlights at you! wtf! utaenda wapi? hakuna ata space on the shoulder to evade… sometimes even if there is, the shoulder has debris, gravel, sand or oil spill… Ni Mungu tu hutulinda aki… and these drivers will continue with the journey as if hakuna kitu amefanya… and will repeat this shit when they get another overtaking chance… anaona mbele its clear… only a nduthi guy approaching!

Imagine that. :mad:

You must hate yourselufu very much if you don’t want to leave your genes behind that you have to go to an extent of wishing for a helmet-like condom

Huwa wanamolest motorcyclists sana. Sanaaaa…and I hate it! Anakuwashia mataa udo??? They should wait until the road is clear.