High presence of police on Nairobi - Nyeri highway.

When traveling home in the morning of Friday we encountred over 6 police road blocks even in places where I have never seen them at all. We were stopped twice. The first stop licence ikaitishwa and for the first time in a long time wakadai lifesavers. Meanwhile, the guy who was stopped in front of me pia yeye alikuwa anadaishwa life savers which he produced from his boot but bado alikuwa anahangaishwa seemingly kutafutiwa makosa.

The next stop, same thing. Some guy was told to pack his car on the shoulder juu he was speeding akaambiwa aende akaongee na boss. Obviously hiyo ni bribe. It was a Friday after all. If you were taken to a cell utatoka Monday.

Conspiracies are flying around that they have been told to collect money because the government is running out of money or it is probably because of alshabab and these cunts are just taking advantage and taking bribes.

A friend alidaishwa 10k after he was caught ‘speeding’. Hii Kenya ilipuliwe tuanze tena.

Unasema six road blocks? I wish u travelled frm Thika to Meru ujionee ni ngapi

hapa kasa every Sunday a lone ranger traffic police officer with Toyota land crosser collect bribes from roysambu to mwiki, along season thika superhighway…najua kesho atakuwa as usual creating jam !

It’s BS. These karao guys are just very hungry. If you’ve noted, watu wako radar and they ain’t speeding kama zamani probably by the help of the various apps. Sasa ile kitu polisi wanategemea ni kuhangaisha watu watoe kakitu. Just the other day nlikua natoka muranga and I kept my speed at 90 from keno only to be stopped apo karibu kufika blue post. An officer tells me am doing 114 na anabaki na DL. Na mm ni nani, nkamshow unless nione that printed proof. Nlibaki hapo nmetulia for like 20 mins. I think they consulted each other ndio mwingine akakuja akaniuliza what the problem was. Nikamwambia and she had to shout Nani ako na DL ya huyu? then she leaves. Guy then comes na kuniuliza kwani mnajuana na huyo? I say yes and the red piece is handed to me and a safe drive is spoken. Waizi hao.

What are lifesavers?

Tule tu-triangles tuko na exclamation mark hehe

98%of Kenyan police are akin to thugs

What is the connection btwn police bribes and government coffers? Or does somebody seriously think that police will contribute their bribes to replenish government coffers?

Kuna time I read from the papers that cops will be checking speed limits at night. Walishaanza ama bado? Nimezoea kuenda 120 to 140 usiku. Hio Njia from Nai to Ksm inatakanga usiku.

The govt is broke, very broke. I see how guys are blowing cash in clubs and i just shake my head


Haupendi maisha naona.RIP in advance

Very many traffic on our roads

Highway robbers in uniform !

All vehicles should be fitted with dash board camera na kama police anakutaftia makosa asimame mbele ya gari mpigie story hapo… With this we can cut corruption and bullying by 30%

Other measures should include, working body cameras on police, no pockets and those electronic fining machines.

Kenyan drivers hujifanya wako na haraka …Karao akileta ujinga park mbele yao and switch of your engine…utafukuzwa haraka sana…