high iq ugandan reinvents the helicopter

I’m no expert but just because something spins doesn’t mean it’s capable of flight. That’s what this UG failed to understand.

Labda hiyo propeller ingekua refu and slightly angular and tilted near the tips, it might’ve left the ground momentarily… and then he’d crash

Nice DIY. Man’s should explore his craving for creative curiosity no matter how crazy. Funny how same woman who’s bashing him on twitter will switch on her lights tonight with a lot of satisfaction, probably blind to the fact that the miracle of the bulb went through hundreds of failed trials to get it working.

You are saying very stupid things. Just because you have some free WIFI, a cheap Chinese phone and you are able to type is no pass kuandika upuss. what is his end game if I may ask? Suppose the “helicopter” flew, how will he progress? Commercialize? Sell IPRs to Boeing or Airbus?

Bado haungeona izi video when the real action happens cameraman hupata seizures.


Saa hii inventors improve existing things hiyo bulb saa hizi ni upuzi kujaribu kuunda incandescent it has been done.

Hiyo “creative curiosity” afocus on other things ama aende shule ajue vitu itamsaidia.

This is clearly a man who was just having too much fun with an idea in his head. It’s not like he declared a war on established helicopter brands. In my view, hii ni project ya kujibamba. Every man has one of those.

Yaani Mzungu aki-follow his passion is Ok, mwafrika aki-follow his passion anatukanwa.


Kwanza with the limited access we have for materials. Boy wetu apo alijitengenezea propeller na mzungu aliingia tu amazon akaitisha parts zote kazi ni assembly na ako na manual

Ugandans have always been very creative sio kama wakenya whose only hobbies are keg, jaba na lanyes. Maybe that is why the first university in east africa, makerere, was established in Uganda. Mzungu traversed all east africa from zanzibar, TZ mainland, kismayu, Kenya akaona pahali akili ni mingi ni Uganda, the pearl of Africa.



“He’s so gifted”

“He’s so talented”

“Aki Mungu ambariki”

Sasa Ile wivu huyo jamaa ataonewa…wacha tu…:smiley:

Juu ya hio maneno jamaa atarogwa asisaidike na helicopter yake.

Jamaa amejiletea shida tupu…:D:D

Mzungu akiunda rotors mwafrika ni devki square tubes as propellers.

Chuma ni chuma. Steel is steel.

Si mlitukana yule mtu alijenga BJ50 ya kubeba mizigo na watu? What do you people want?


Mzungu akiunda na aluminum na fiberglass mwafrika anaenda scrap yard anapata iron heavy as an anvil anaweld then anaexpect some lift?

Read my statement again… I sed there is no need trying to build a helicopter that can’t fly. Kama ni gari angetengeneza ingekua sawa Ata kama ni ya mbao…

Well, that’s 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back

Lucky that those blades didn’t come off and decapitate those dumb heads