high iq ugandan reinvents the helicopter


Africans should cease pertaking in projects that have no direct benefit. Kama ingekua gari ya kubeba mizigo ingekua sawa. But ndege na haitawai fly is a waste of time…

Alafu aone nyoka kwa ground ashtuke asimame

Aweke dildo kwa hiyo kiti auzie setup @TrumanCapote

Alikuwa asha ambia familia kwaheri !

I was just thinking about the propeler. Sasa ikichomoka ipate shingo ya mtu, wueh! siwezi simama hapo karibu.

This is actually a more decent concept kushinda wenye walikuwa wanajenga body na sheets za gauge 14. At least ameconsider weight


That engine is gonna bust or fry his balls…

Military grade.

What stupidity is this? This bonobo is endangering himself and the people witnessing his stupidity. Helicopters are supposed to fly not rotate on the ground shaking as if possessed.

achieves lift even an inch it would spiral out of control and kill the spectators

I was anticipating a final destination event… watch till the end my azz.

Yaani abomoe lawn mower atengeneze that thing but ingekuwa Kenya Uasin Gishu county an UDA MCA would grace the momentous occasion in support of local inventions.


It would be awesome had the propeller disintegrated and decapitated a few witnessing bonobos.

Bonobos think that putting a jingcheng engine on any contraption warrants flying?

silly bonobo inventions

Didn’t it fly?

Every year some bonobo tries to reinvent the helicopter.