High IQ Redpiller advises on how you can take advantage of the Ukranian War

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"In the highly unlikely event that you, the esteemed reader of the Red Pill sexual strategy forum, have had the opportunity to leave your video game and pornography pleasure bunker, you may have noticed that there has been a sudden change in the media narrative. Our beloved, all-knowing science–man Anthony Fauci has mysteriously disappeared from television and has been surreptitiously replaced with very evil bad man Vladimir Putin. Now, as a reader of the Red Pill you might not know much about taking regular showers or preventing your underwear from turning moist and brown on the inside. However, as a refined video game connoisseur you do know that emotionally vulnerable grief-stricken women are a source of quests, and quests are how you obtain rewards and experience points. There are many such women on the television right now, so obviously there are a lot of quests. Therefore, the logical question for any contemporary rational male is: How to Use the Desperation of Ukrainian War Refugees to your Sexual Advantage?

Speaking of taking advantage of Ukrainian women. What are the sexual advantages of Ukrainian women? I’m glad you asked. Unlike American women, who on average weigh 170 pounds at 5 feet 4 inches, Ukrainian women still possess a modicum of self-respect and have not gorged themselves into grotesque proportions like barnyard hogs. Unlike sexual intercourse with American women, the use of a headlamp is not a prerequisite during sex with Ukrainians as the vaginal opening is not hidden beneath a maze of creases, wrinkles, fat flaps and folds. Consequently, sex is easier, more straightforward and reasonably hygienic.

Another stark contrast is that Ukrainian women possess souls. American women power wash away all semblance of personality via hormonal birth control, antidepressants, recreational drugs and social media. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, live simpler lives and spend their days digging for potatoes and playing the accordion. Their bloodstreams have not been colonized by big pharma and they are capable of face-to-face social interaction without turtling up in their smart phone at the slightest inconvenience. This means that Ukrainian women are not grotesque science experiments with soulless hollow eyes and can still be biologically classified as human beings. Finally, the most important difference between Ukrainian and American women is that the former are capable of providing you with healthy, viable offspring, while the latter will misappropriate your DNA and birth a transformer whose only life skill is genital self-mutilation and attaching itself to ceiling fans in creative ways.

Now that you understand the comparative value of Ukrainian females, it’s important to understand the driving factors behind the current sexual marketplace deep discount. Here at The Red Pill, we pride ourselves on being brilliant amoral sexual strategists. Hypergamy doesn’t care about your feelings, yada yada yada. Well, uncle Vladimir has given us a belated Christmas present: hot, young, fertile Ukrainian refugees. The last refugee wave was in 2015 when Europe got flooded with brownies. That only benefited obese 50-year-old white spinsters and an unmentionable Middle-Eastern country that doesn’t get along with its neighbors.

As far as sexual strategy is concerned, all you need to know is that Ukraine trusted a comedian with the fate of a nation and now holds a bizarre state ideology consisting of a contradictory mix of fascism and kindergarten homosexuality class]. The big takeaway here is that if the Ukrainian state is willing to delude itself with an incoherent ideology while getting defiled with foreign biological weapon labs and IMF loans, then Ukrainian women are willing to get deluded by your incoherent PUA bullshit while you defile them with your penis. A nation behaves on a macro scale the same way its people behave on a micro scale. As above so below.

The devastation of Ukraine was purposefully engineered to flood the West with cheap, high-quality labor. So why not benefit from the situation by taking advantage of cheap, high-quality Ukrainian sexual labor? Financial advisors always talk about buying the dip; now’s the time to invest your penis by dipping into Ukrainian vagina. The sexual market is no different than the stock market. You have to eke out every advantage you can get. We are well past the easy sexual marketplace of 2005 when a fedora and copy of the Mystery Method were sufficient to get you lady-hole. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that the world is rapidly deteriorating and that opportunities are becoming harder to come by.

Luckily for the Red Pill, Ukrainian women are already acclimated to living in basements on dirty mattresses and as such represent a perfect fit for the lifestyle of our readership. They’ve already been negged by uncle Putin. All you need to do is be nice to them and find them living space between your elite gaming rig and boxes of Mountain Dew. Best of all, they won’t know how socially uncalibrated you are because of their limited English.

From a practical standpoint, all you need to know about Ukrainian women is that they will be arriving primarily in Central Europe and major western cities as refugees. They are easily identifiable by their stoic facial expressions, out-of-date choice of fashion and slim figures. At the level of game, Ukrainian women are no different than any other second world woman which is to say they want to ride a dick into a first-world lifestyle. They are shallow, materialistic and willing to do anyone and anything that will give them the assets necessary to make their girlfriends at home jealous. If you do not manage the relationship properly you will find yourself in the same financial situation as the men who fell for the mail order bride scam in the 90s when the Soviet Union collapsed. If you do manage the relationship properly, she’ll be on the receiving end of your meat missile while her devoted husband is on the receiving end of a Kalibr cruise missile.

When you’re defeated in war, someone else takes your women and passes on their superior genetics to them. When a simple Ukrainian man gets conned into joining Right Sektor and fighting on behalf of gay Aryan Rimjobs by a country that shall not be named, his wives and daughters flee abroad and get drilled by foreigners. That’s just basic War Bride Theory. We the Red Pill didn’t create the situation nor do we have any power over it. What we can do however is take advantage of it with our penises. After all these Ukrainian vaginas have to get fucked by someone. Why not us?

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