High end houses


Exceptional contemporary design, big spacious rooms. The master bedroom is to die for. One criticism is the cheap laminate wood flooring and the tiles on the staircase and bathrooms

Also lack of upgrades eg crown molding. And the houses have very geometric shapes, mostly square. But where is this and how much are they asking?

It’s nice. Where is it located and how much?

I like the simplicity , layout & size of rooms but for $1m I think I can get better finishes.

Nomadic people hatunanga hizi ma shida. The open country is our home,our playground.

Naserian homes Karen

This expensive con games get exposed when the middle income conmen learn the hustle.

I came to learn this high price house valuation is to con banks in collusion with valuerers.

You get your average “sophisticated” pig stays valued so high, enables you to get higher loans to continue the hustle.

What do you mean by Affordable?

very nice
nyumba kama ya bojack horseman

Karen…ngong view road past kcb centre. Nice environment but finishes a bit generic…was there late 2019…if you see the kitchen, you can’t pay 100m…it’s dark and lack character. Awkward orientation of Sq…the door opens towards the drive way…so you can bounce on Nafula undressing.
Also the land seems to be caved out from olulua forest as it’s bordering Primates institute. …so can be prone to politics. During my visit, a top kakamega county brass was said to have reserved one. Great place to raise family esp the no fence…but can suffer from degeneration over time…for $1m…you can get more value elsewhere. My opinion though.

100 M nunua 20 acre ranch then find a good architect to build you a better house than this and you’ll still be left with tens of millions.