High Court Judge faces removal over fraud

An unnamed High Court Judge, who was also recently interviewed for the position of Chief Justice faces removal over gross misconduct and incompetence.

The judge attempted to transfer a widow’s land in a case he was hearing to his (the judges) brother. The land is located in Kwale County.

In recorded video and audio clips the judge is heard discussing bribes that they have delivered to other judges to influence decisions. In another clip the judge is heard instructing people on how to terminate the widow’s case at the Court of Appeal.


His fellow learned bonobos will call it a witch hunt and strongly warn the executive and legislature to respect the judiciary’s independence. The only way to deal will such characters is to summarily execute them at the public square, but we’re a “civilized” society.

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He was not named but all fingers point to Chitembwe:


Huyu ni Chitembwe. He is incorrigibly corrupt

Chitembwe angechukua tu early retirement , jamaa is a thug naturally

Na bado mlikua mnapush Uhuru to appoint the judges nominated by JSC…wezi wote watupwe nje

True uhuru was almost lynched by itumbi and Co for rejecting this dude…alafu pia walikua wanasema ati the cash found in his office was planted there…

Can a lion call a cat a murderer,ni hayo tu wadau?

People were (rightly) against the BBI, but the document had some great ideas. One of them is the judicial ombudsman.
We’re now faced with a corrupt judiciary that will operate with the same impunity as the other arms of government.

U are foolish. U Want another bonobo to supervise a bonobo?!

It’s better than leaving a bonobo to run things for itself.
Start engaging your prefontal cortex a bit, we’ll never know just how many times these guys have gotten away with this. As much as you’d want to shout ‘politics’ to it, it is the mwananchi that bears the brunt of a corrupt judiciary.