Hierarchy Of Beings in the USA

[li]White males[/li][li]White females[/li][li]Oriental Asians[/li][li]Southern Europeans such as Italians[/li][li]Indians[/li][li]Blacks[/li][li]Stray dogs, cows and horses, others[/li][/ol]

where do the Hispanics and native Americans stand?

Stray dogs


Americans have racism built into their DNA. it will take more than a few rantings on social media and throwing rocks to change the system that is hundreds of years old. Here is a book written in 1901 to show blacks are animals :D:D:D


American racism is not the issue, blacks are. Why cant they build anything for themselves instead of begging for jungus for human rights? The only progress they made with MLK was access to interracial dating, white restaurants and house in white neighbourhoods. Today they are more poorer compared to whites then they have ever been. Shiet, im tired of blacks worldwide with their victim complex.

Stop talking nonsense… Hispanics as a people have more power then african americans, they have economic power and they are gaining political power as they are now the 2nd biggest demographic in america. Also there are white hispanics as there are black hispanics.

Because those in charge of the system hate them. It does not mean white are better, it just mean they came before and there are those that actively work to keep blacks from attaining upward mobility. When someone in charge of policy has malice in their heart, it is almost impossible for you to advance.

Ata tusiende mbali, pale nyumbani kwenu, if your own father decided you will never advance juu labda anashuku wewe sio wake, he does not have to take a club and beat you to death. There are small small things that will be done to you throughout your life that will lead to you ending up at the bottom of the barrel once the final tally is out. Utajipata hukusoma, you are somewhat malnourished, your health is bad, you are always stressed. Just small things that will let you know you do not belong.

Malcolm X already gave them the answer on how the can go forward but they prefer integration mentality… Their solutions start with local elections and electing right leaders.

This infatuation with that country is abnormal.

they are the ones who appointed themselves the morality police and gatekeeper of the world. They are probably the country that has produced the most academic papers speaking against the Roman Catholic Church than all other countries combined. Their scholars are obsessed about telling everyone why america is better. No other country in the world has ever so much money for the simple reason of spreading an idea except america. Sio sis tuliwamulika, they are in everyone’s face.

Kama mtu alinyimwa visa kubali tu. Nigga read Proust or post something constructive to help or enlighten us.

You really speak from a point of ignorance.

If it wasn’t for the civil rights movement in the US in the late 50’s into the 60’s, which sparked and heightened the cause of self determination worldwide, you’d probably still be carrying the tag of “kitchen toto” to date by Bazungu.

America was built on the backs of those slaves that were taken there in the 1600’s and provided FREE slave labor.

How much do you pay your mboch, that’s if you can afford one? Why don’t we start from there.

Nowadays number 1 is homosexuals

True,hata wamejaa huku

Yes i know all of that, and im not denying any achievement of african americans… But Again, malcolm X way was better then MLK. Thats why black americans are still begging for human rights and blacks everywhere. Other non white people didn’t need to march… When is the last time you saw jews marching? Asians`? Arabs? Never. Because these people engage on group economics and build community wealth which gives them power. Blacks on the other hands are culturally backwards when it comes to building power. Even in Africa in places like Kenya you have foreigners dominating and becoming millionaires because of kenyan consumers. I have to many thoughts so i will stop here.

It is the independence movements which influenced the civil rights movement not vice versa