Hide Your Butt 101

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has overruled an attempt by Nasa CEO Norman Magaya to block the removal of Moses Wetang’ula as Minority leader.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Magaya had indicated in a a letter that Nasa principals had instructed him to inform the Speaker that Wetang’ula remained the duly elected Minority leader.

On Monday, Wiper boss Kalonzo Musyoka said the three embattled Nasa principals are in the coalition to stay and that the Senate Minority leader issue had been resolved.

He said they had agreed that ODM recall its demand for Wetang’ula’s ouster.

Lusaka blocks Magaya attempt to stop Wetang'ula removal

Now nobody can accuse JaKuon of not having defended Pillport. Ken Lusaka, of course, is defended by standing orders.

Why the heo did the luhya have two parties in Anasa? @uwesmake njoo unijibu.
At least chama moja ingekua chupilee

Babuon promised to use lube with them… but he played them… Hata maji hakutumia!

Hehehe, dfhkm
Same will happen to sultan so called deputy, hope it will be a wake up call wa pwani waunde chama Chao

:D:D what a pile of :meffi:
Trying to save face. Tunakuonea 18.

Babuon is a master of treachery. How these established lawyers kina pillpot na kamelon failed to pull a fast one ,I’ll never understand. Jakuon aliwamalisa na precision strike ya Prying Mantis

It’s garbage. I see guys becoming jobless now that Jakuon has joined uhuru. Why can’t people move on past Jakuon hate . Fuck these old skeletons

I have this feeling that you completely misread @1776, but I’ll let him speak for himself.

JaKuon watch is for always. The day he hangs up his boots, stops selling political seats and practising treachery, will be the day we can relax.

ODM arrogance is bubbling just under the surface:


It will reach a time you will be talking to yourself . If you have big balls enough like a ping pong ,why not confront him face to face than being a clueless keyboard warrior who vomits hate? Raila hayuko online, so you are punching air bare knuckles . Do you seek fame by fighting shadows? Just think old man … it’s free. Think deeper. As we talk right now he has several billions from the deal he just made , wewe hapa with those stumpy fingers typing upizi about him. So keep it simple : it’s either you are stupid or you aren’t cleaver .

When will OMDers stop imagining things which they repeat over and over until they’ve conned themselves? JaKuon was at the end of his rope and went begging for a soft landing - we all know that! Mambo ya kujigamba ati he got billions peleka mbali. Ati he got billions from a Gikuyu! Are you mad???

first of all let me make it clear im not ODMer and i hate politics of both guys. Having said that i rejoiced when the duo united and you know why? because kenya itasonga. Now foolish me and you who lost our kins to ujinga ya elections are still fighting for them online , yet the people the same 2 goons who we were fighthing for have an agreement that could involve lots of money either directly or indirectly.Now Stupid us is fighting for the the duo thinking that they are recognizing our zeal and insults on each other . We are just stupid as it gets. Keep mocking odmers and you will find yourself in the toilet pooping odm . Focus focus on trump. you don’t live in kenya kwanza wewe. Wank on tramp failures .

You’re whole disposition is unreal (polite). There’s nothing you have said here that contributes to new knowledge, or even a new way of looking at old knowledge. I will just surmise that you are one of those dudes who live a forgettable life and one day decides they’ve had enough. They rise up against their internal demons by throwing tantrums until someone knocks them in the noggin.

Hehehehehehehe! Kassin mbona hasira asubuhi hivi?

I also hate sanctimonious ‘in-betweeners’, who in reality have a choice but feign neutrality as they throw weak jabs at you.

You sure … boss jichunguze. Anyway you are clearly an elite person then . What nonsense has trump pulled so far ? Leta story ya huyo porn star . Do you think he will pull through this time

Old man we are tired of Jakuon this ,Jakuon that to be honest . JaKuon amenyamba leo, Jakuon hajanyamba kesho. Don’t you have mentorship programs to mentor the youth.

They betrayed Baba at his most vulnerable day. Tinga that day at Uhuru park was left very exposed.

It was the height of his political career him declaring himself president then akina kalonzo bolted out. Hehehe

Watu walambishwe lolo na nguvu

@Nattydread you have killed it hehehe

Ati sanctimonious nini. Pokea heko

Jakuon ran for his dear life to Uhuru.

The trio were hatching a plot to dryfry him.

Barrack muluka had started the shafting bila lube na ile story ya wazime simu watapigiwa na ya Nigeria. (Green emoji)

Jakuon unless kama yeye hukata maji Uhunye anaeza mnunulia mzinga,billions form a shiny eye to dim eye. Shait NO.