Hi I am Kenya. You probably remember me from 2007's Keeping Up With The Rwandashians

I am scared.

Not for myself but for all of us.

Remember in 2007, the disputed presidential election results are what sparked the butchering and burning. Presidential.

Looking at 2017 nominations, undisputedly the most chaotic in our short history, violence grows from the bedrock of gubernatorial, senatorial, MP and MCA aspirants. Remember, in line with what I have just said, 2007 didn’t have this much violence during nominations.

View august elections with the lenses worn during nominations and Rwanda comes to a clear focus.

Incase the presidential elections are disputed, formally or informally, then we expect violence 5 times 2007. Given that this violence starts from the MCA level, our disciplined forces are most likely to be stretched thin. This will be a bottleneck for their prevention and response efforts.

And everything seems lined up for this; 2007 & 2017.

I bet you now scared.


Nope. Ain’t never scared. Not only because you are dead wrong in your predictions but also becuz I am a man of four rubbers. PEV won’t happen.

The nominations chaos is just that. Chaos. I respect your message, though.


So, are you telling us to arm ourselves, move from .ke, pray or what exactly is your point?

I have not told you anything smelly slimy creek

borana jinga

ngamia mzee kufa al shabab chieth


He’s just highlighting what could happen. In 2007 , the signs were clear but we chose to ignore, now we have a past to learn from hence raising the flag before it’s too late.
Many of y’all so caught up supporting your parties that you can’t see the obvious threat.