HHustler + Earthquake wave in Bungoma

Yesterday Chief Hustler was back in his home county Kiambu for the 100th time. Another huge warm welcome. Plenty of defectors to Hustlers and the people endorsed the Earthquake as part of the movement. I don’t need to say much about Kiambu. The impact has always started in the individual homes upwards.

Today the first leg of Western rallies begins in Bungoma. Kakamega will come at a strategic time as we received overwhelming requests by several leaders and teams who want to be incorporated. Respectfully we have accepted to postpone to make sure everyone is in the basket of unity as we go to Kakamega. It will be historical and defining.

The team rested in Mt Elgon Bungoma and proceeding downwards to Bungoma



Chances are high that Bungoma and Kakamega will be a waste of time

He’s only visiting the counties that he deems “safe” and where he knows he has some following (of some sorts). Aende Nyanza tuone kama the crowds will be there. Ama ata ajaribu Nairobi tumuamini! Useless!!

What of those ANC leaders who have defected…

Most of the UDA pointmen/women in kakamega and bungoma I know of ni pesa tuu.

Khalwale ametupwa nje, Malala has replaced him

They are free to go buy certificates in odm:D. You have to understand the times we are in.as a Broke nation. If 100,000 each to appear on camera helps then we understand they have to take it.

Mt Elgon

In Kwanza

Am very sure our witchdoctor aka mganga aka Baba is working on strategies to dismantle all these bungomians

Roadside welcome throughout the journey to Posts grounds Bungoma. Hustler movement was cememnted by direct engagement with the people. Involving them in all decisions and getting their consent. Earthquake so far is overwhelmingly approved. [ATTACH=full]413635[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413636[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413637[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413638[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413639[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413640[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]413641[/ATTACH]

It’s ok…but ambia ruto a organize rallies…hii maneno ya kuweka jam…ku attract crowds is very inconveniencing.


Buy MADVD and get Wetangula free.

Thank you Bungoma for the HUGE endorsement. Breaking the last excuses and theories RAT and his supporters are desperately clinging to. Hustler and Earthquake wave doesn’t rest. Today its the heart of central, Kirinyaga. See you in a few.