Hezekiah Ochuka

The pose looks like he was taking a photo for a campaign poster. But nothing presidential at all. They say he walked to his death with composure.

Ati Hezron Ochuka, Boss fanya utafiti

Anaitwa Hezekiah

This guy,inasmuch he was ‘wrong’,he changed Kenya’s course in history. He made ‘the passing cloud’ stick around for 24 years.
We all know the consequencies…

he is just a tip of it, just an important ingredient, but we had bigger things running down, so hata hangekua still things would not have been the same, just a pawn on the chess board…my view


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He was promised that they are going to Canaan, he took the bait, line, hook and sinker. There is a horde of others who have taken the bait this time around, woe unto them.

This was a small penised pawn in a big game that involved Raila trying to upstage a Military Coup that had been planed by the mount kenya mafia the same way he came and took over NASA.

Then this swag


Hata kama alikuwa just a pawn,he was the face of the entire thing. That is what Kenyans knew.
We never got to know the real nigas behind him.
The majority were left to pierce things together through conjecture,rumours,lies,hearsay n common sense…

In the grand scheme of things, he was a nobody.

mtu alete hekaya tujue nani walikua ndani ya hii mix



Cheza chini, he is the father of democracy

haha just completed his purpose on earth and on to the next mission.

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huyu muyama enyewe ametoka furthest anafaa apewe ata migingo atawale kiasi bana…



Huyo dereva ni Maina Ngenja?

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they were overthrowing mo1 before he even turned rogue.

[I]“On July 11, 1982, I attended a meeting in Ochuka’s house in Nairobi Umoja Estate House K 27. On our arrival, I found the following who were introduced to me by Ochuka:

(1) Mr Raila Odinga

(2) Mr John Odongo – the one who found me at Odinga’s office in Kisumu when I paid a visit to him (Odinga).

(3) Richard Obuon Guya

(4) Sgt Opiyo

(5) Cpl Ombok.

“During the meeting, Odongo did not speak but Raila addressed us and he said that there would be some help from the neighbouring countries by putting the army on alert on the day of the coup. On that day, Raila did not mention the particular countries. He also spoke about efforts to get arms from external countries. The meeting ended and I and Oteyo went back to Nanyuki.”

According to Raila’s biography, the push for government change was not a coup but a revolution against a repressive regime awash with corruption and other injustices.[/I]