Hey you idiots! Let's talk about movie for once.

Let me make this clear for you fucking simpletons.

I see people on this forum talking about:

“Oh, Pulp Fiction was great”,

“Oh, Schindler’s List is a phenomenal film”,

“Oh, The godfather set the stage for all movies that follow it”


If any of you pea-brained, hollow-skulled, Lil Pump-loving sons of bitches had any idea of what actual, pure, raw cocaine kino is, the world would be a much better place.

Let me break it down for you, real simple, like the five year olds you are…

  1. If the filmé doesn’t have a french or german person/people as either the entire cast and crew, the main character, or the director, it isn’t true film. There are exceptions, such as:

~ Green Lantern (2011)

~ Fifty Shades Darker (2017) *One of the only films to improve upon its predecessor

~ Ratatouille (2007) *Or, for you uncultured swines who don’t understand German, the swahili title is kaparopanya

  1. Christopher Nolan (another exception to #1) has literally revolutionized the kino game. His entire filmography contains hidden and underrated infinity stones gems such as The Dark Knight (2008) and interstellar (2014) which Kubrick tried to rip-off with his failed 2001 space odyssey.
  2. Does the film have color? It’s shit.
  3. The suspenseful, dark and gritty, true-crime political thriller known as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of true kino Justice (1856) is literally the greatest movie ever. German born icon, visionary revolutionary dairy director ZACK SNYDER has absolutely hit me the nail on the head with this one. A fucking masterpiece.

I can’t wait to hear what you imbeciles have to say in response to this. I’d love to compare IQ scores with any of you. Better yet, let’s compare dick sizes, yeah?

Side note: What the fuck was Rian Johnson doing with the new Star Wars? That movie was not even close to being historically accurate. Did he read a text book at all before making that shit-show?

Did this nigga just put Gl in a movie convo
…its not even worth the shit list why talk about a show even the actor makes fun of till today and then the other ain worth my time cuz literally I can’t fathom.wasting time on that …
And BTW did this nigga say its German
the movie even has even the you know what

Any film by Christopher Nolan or his bro Jonathan Nolan always works.

where is shape of water 2017? is it kino worthy?

See? this is the kind of people I’m talking about, people who can’t even comprehend the simple first paragraph I wrote before talking nonsense and smashing their keyboard like the retarded buffoons that they are. How are you going to appreciate such work of art if you’re not even patient enough to read a couple of paragraphs? You people are the ones who are ruining movies and Cinema as a whole. Go watch your marvel princesses and leave it to the professionals you damn millennial!

F*** that, There is no way I’m wasting any of my time on fish sex

OH yes! Daddy Nolan I’d be honored to even watch that guy direct my sister taking a shower

green lantern was a fail. Spider man 2 should be on your lame list instead of that.

Are you dissing tarantino’s work?

The characters were great, the story progressed nicely, and had many political and philosophical themes while everyone got the necessary development (I’m sure Kilowog, Sinestro, Carol and the Guardians would’ve gotten much more development had there been a part 2, but for the first it was enough), fight scenes were VERY creative, the CGI was good and the film really balanced the humour and seriousness.

If you were a true fan of cinema you’d know that it’s actually better than ALL of the MCU movies. It’s just that so many wajinga hold the MCU movies on such a high pedestal when only a handful are actually good and they shit on Green Lantern when it’s actually a masterpiece and actually better than pretty much all their highly held movies.

I suggest rewatching it again. This is coming from a huge Green Lantern fan of many years who has more Green Lantern comics than anything and that initially loved the movie when it came out and now it’s in my top five best of all time

Who’s Tarantino? You mean the boring unoriginal foot fetish freak who just shoots people sitting and talking and doing almost nothing except an occasional pew pew shooting with too much gallons of unrealistic blood that psychopaths like to masturbate to?

troll alert

Batman vs. Superman was great but literally the greatest movie ever? Not even close. DC Comic movies died the day Christopher Nolan left the franchise after the Batman trilogy. Admit it, Marvel movies are better than DC comics. My greatest movie goes to Fight Club. The Godfather is overrated af!!!

Fuck you

Ngay thread

You need to first learn that people have different tastes.


Sisi tunawatch Ong Bak ya Dj Afro na hatusumbui. Wewe na Imdb ratings endeni na huko. Meffi!

Casino (1995 film)
About time (2013)
The rum diary (2011)