Hey guys!!! The Village Lightskin is Here

Wow its been so long since I have been to such a forum after our klist went under. The site has really changed compared to kenyanlist.com but i hope i will be able to cope.

I can see the old buddies migrated months/years before me, truth is that i was unaware of kenyantalk existence until i stubbed on a link on twitter.

So, how is everyone? myself am in Dubai until towards the end of the year, probably December.

Jakenya, supu, susu, kungu, kush, uwesmake, trojan, jp, … mpo?

What has changed?

I love your boobs.


:eek::eek::eek: …huyu hapana Kate

Keti hapo socialite and lie low like an envelope


The rate at which multiple handles are being used…by 2017 ,hii kijiji itakua NO VACANCY

Eeeee okay eka mbica zote zile ulieka klost tuhakikishe ni wewe

you will need much more than to just tell us you are Kate…I suspect a VTH here…

She was good at plagiarizing back in Klost.

@Kate Yule Mweupe = @kush yule mnono

K.Y.M hizo initials znamatch 100% :D:D

Wapi link ya ile song?

Mmh yaani umetoa village elders wote from their hideouts…

@kush yule mnono likes this…hapa umeonikaniwo

You most welcomed @Kate Yule Mweupe… @Nananimpa ebu cam kiasi

nice boobs and lips

keti huko nje kwa nyasi

Another release from BGH- Bingwa Group of Handles

Hi Bingwa, this is number what?

Exit @Kermit the Frog Enter @Kate Yule Mweupe = @Bingwa Scrotum .

I detect Kung’u with my nostrils