Hessy wa Kitisuru does his thing...

Five suspected thugs felled by none other than Hessy wa Kitisuru.[ATTACH=full]167080[/ATTACH]

Walichoka kutembea na Yesu.

Gold heist gone wrong.

Hawa watu hawaishi? (Penis intended)

Leo kuku choma lazima

Boy-child wanamalizwa jameni!!


homosexualchieth usituletee ujinga hapa

Na naskia hao Hessy hupea gangster warning, wakikosa kuskia ni pap pap

Good pun. You just had to mention penis and ruin it.

@Touchlyrics kuja uwekelelee nyama

Niaje mandoo?

Hata Hessy wa Ktalk anaendelea na Kazi.
There have been several cases of extra-judicial killings of Avatars in this village…

wezi hawawezi. hessy aongezewe chenye anatumia

i say arrest them and take them to court, this country has laws that should be followed. SHAME ON YOU POLICEMEN (hessyy)

People will blast you for they don’t know the dividends of holding public servants accountable. They have never experienced a situation where systems and institutions work hence their support for unorthodox means of solving their problems. I hate crime with a passion, having been a victim of violent armed robbery twice. However, criminals, white collar or otherwise, are symptomatic of systemic failure.


You can shoot a thug but you can’t kill the thug life. RIP OGs

kama kawa fielder haikosi kwa mix