Hessy wa dandora warned

DPP Haji wants police to probe ‘Hessy wa Dandora’ group

:D:D:D:D that’s an exercise in futility. [COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]Hessy Gich ni maumau aisee…

Hessy ni noma kutrack

Huyu Haji is all over… When are we likely to see something tangible from him… Too much fart and no shi+!

Hii itakuwa tricky…Hessy mwenyewe alisema hajui yeye ni nani………

Haji ni mnyambo wa punda. Hakuna kitu.


Hessy is not one and he is not only in D, the force may use the name for cover, but wako mitaa yote

When will these angels of death move in the leafy suburbs ? by taking out economic saboteurs, they will have solved a good % of crime in .ke.

Hessy is a unit among the SCPU

Tuambie mengine