Hessy should be afraid-Extrajudicial killing is illegal

Katitu is currently behind bars. Watch Dennis Onsarigo’s Case file on how the case unfolded:




We are working.

I’ve watched the 3 vids and what I can say is we are in deep shit. We are at the mercy of crooks or rogue cops. Catching and jailing the crooks is much better than gunning them down in extra-judicial killings. It only extends unlawful behaviour.

umeanza ujinga ya joj makende; youtube clips without end?


Hessy sio mmoja.when will you ever learn. Do you know the number of cops dispatched gangland style around eastlands and outskirts? Its a warzone out there and Hessy is losing

The only thing I disagree with the SCPU (SC/Hessy) officers ni kuua bila kuverify ni nani wanaua…or killing people jus coz umepatwa ukiwa in the company ya mwizi na wewe huna habari ni mwizi. Otherwise let them kill ule wako 100% ni the real culprit. The way special forces are told/trained to exercise restraint on hostages/innocents

Wezi na wachawi wauliwe :mad:

mwizi auliwe

For the sake of argument, if the deceased was a ruthless gangster how many more would he have killed if he had been allowed to go on? If he had gone to court, what are the chances he would have been released on bond and allowed to go after the cops who arrested him? What would have guaranteed that the state prosecutor or the police officer charged with presenting evidence in court would do their work diligently to ensure conviction?

Impunity and corruption are part of us, we practice them without fail as a nationally accepted activity, day in, day out. Hessy to the residents of Dandora is as much a hero as Katitu was to the residents of Githurai because that is who we are. In their shoes, most of us would have done exactly the same thing. We have embraced impunity of a way of life, with a majority of elected politicians leading by example and action. The guiding principle being that, the end justifies the means.

[INDENT]A probation report seen by justicenow.co.ke states that the “Githurai residents and business community describe him as a dedicated officer who managed to contain criminals and brought sanity to the area, [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]a trend of insecurity has picked up due to his incarceration."[/INDENT]
[INDENT]“The offender acknowledges the fact that the court finds him guilty and he therefore cannot absolve himself from blame…a life was lost in the course of duty. He is remorseful and pleads for court’s leniency. He prays for a non-custodial sentence to enable him an opportunity to serve his sentence in the community…no history of aggression has been reported during his early and late development stages…no pro-criminal tendencies.[/INDENT]
[INDENT] http://justicenow.co.ke/2018/03/21/supercop-katitu-verdict-push-and-pull-as-court-told-once-again-he-is-a-good-man/ [/INDENT]