Heshimu Jaguar

Yaani inawacha miteremko hapo kando inaendea cayman. Nko sure hizo Otters zilibaki zikicheka


Hehehe hii facial expression

awesome footage iyo scene lazima aliuzia nat geo pesa mob

:eek::eek::eek:wtf…yani hii exaggerated paka haiogopi maji, then attacks a freaking caiman kwa home turf yake where the reptile should have an upper hand…it was probably high on some good quality forest herb that only jaguars know about:D

Na iko na diving skills kali sana

The jaguar boosts one of the most powerful bite of the wild cat family it normally targets the head to inflict much damage on the prey as shown in the video en on top of that swimming is party of their hobby no wonder the diving skills

Powerful cat

Najua mabeste zake wakuamini hii story…:smiley:

Nilikua nimeanza kujiuliza jamaa wa kuvuka border amefanya nini tena na ameshinda case juzi.

A leopard, a panther ( not black panther) and tigers are crazy cats.

Un-be-lievable!!! Thats dope…

Those are not others though. They’re capybaras.