He's out.

His name is ‘Wide Neck’. He became famous because of his wide neck as seen in this mugshot. Real name Charles Mcdowell.



He’s out of prison and dropped a new song a few minutes ago.


I thought you meant someone came out of the closet

Msenge ni mkia ulipenda…umbwa takataka

Why the insults?

Your ass is gay and you don’t know it.

I’m not gay dammit

Gay idea from no where. Came out of his house, car, jail, baby coming out of pussy.

That was a typing error

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Boss niliwacha ukitombewa bibi…what happened?


Damn Faggot.

Mashoga nowadays led by their ringleader @Sokwe mtu have to ruin every thread. We should tame these homosexuals or they will indoctrinate weak soft and plumpy men like @Thiem who was initiated by @Motokubwa and now a bottom homosexual for @uwesmake and co.

Huyu jamaa anakaa kama condom

we believe you son

Thiem is gay

People with wide necks are mostly criminals