Herod releases tape

Dear serfs your master the cultivated grand seigneur lil herod iv a virtuoso at the piano is about to release mix tape. Is you ready



Hizi ndio mikono hulift weights? :D:D:D:D Hizo zinakaa za kunyonga monkei. Ghaseer!

congrats for goading me into pressing that ignore button

blarry fool hizo mikono ni za genetically upgraded super homo sapien^3 . Herod the great is 130kgs pure muscles and that is not a boast without truth.


effortless bicep curls by herod - 70 kg weights


Post the full picture ghaseer. You were pot bellied in that one ndio maana umecrop. That was on your second or 3rd Herod account. Ukifika VE bila Admins kupiga wewe rungu for the nth time I’ll make an honorary post.

ghaseer I wore baggy clothes


Usiseme hivyo,hizo ndio zimeshikilia 130kgs pure muscle :D:D:D

Iko kwa key gani?

moonlight sonata - c sharp minor

Ok. Itembeze

Leta sermon, achana na za dunia

Mimi hii mwaka najifunza kuwa DJ. Sasa ndio natafuta jina ya DJ ndio onion zinukie.

Fruity ass Liberace wannabe mofo

niaje shoga malaya, nipe tako nitombe don’t worry about my size I promise to handle your booty with great care.

Kwani wewe pia ni midget?:D:D:D

:smiley: :smiley: 5’9 not midget by kenyan standards - camera makes people look short e.g most wwe guys are over 6’5 irl but look shorter

so you play this for lanye or wife seems like the only reason its in this category